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Innovative cards - The coolest credit cards can be yours

innovative cards

Bank on the TOP payment card manufacturer

Gemalto is a top leading EMV chip ​​​​manufacturer and, the world's #1 payment card supplier.

You can trust  us to deliver on innovation, quality, sustainability and branding in every aspect of your business – from card design to printing and even packaging.

coolest credit cards

Offer the coolest credit cards with our innovative card bodies

Cards don’t have to be boring, right?

Gemalto’s metal cards and innovative plastics enable you to create vibrant and innovative card designs that you can tailor to the diverse needs of your customers, whether they are traditional or modern, eco-warriors or fashionistas – or anything in between. 
Deliver creative and beautiful credit card designs now!

Bio-sourced bank card 

Think sustainably

Maintain your green credentials with Gemalto’s Bio Card. We’ll ensure that your entire issuance system is green as we combine high quality recyclable card material with optimized energy consumption and minimized environmental impact.
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card priting solution 

Select the card printing solution that’s right for you

Our card printing technology allows you to customize cards for a small group of people – or for millions: it’s your choice! 

Choose from industrial printing for large series of cards or digital printing for smaller batches that meet your clients’ needs.
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cool credit cards  

Best looking credit cards come with innovative packaging

Highly differentiated and secure card packaging solutions made of lu​xury materials will reflect your strong brand values. 

We’ll help you to create innovative, off-the-shelf and tailor-made solutions that meet your brand needs.
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