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A smaller and smarter chip module for payment cards: DIAMs

​​ DIAMs

Sm​all, smart and ecological – that’s the advantage of Gemalto’s compact chip module

Called DIAMs, it’s part of Gemalto’s continuous search for intelligent and more environmentally responsible components for digital security solutions. DIAMs chip module uses less metal to produce than Gemalto’s current module (known as  World), thus reducing the environmental impact in manufacturing. 

More space on the card body

On top of its smart look and feel, the new chip module gives banking customers more space on the card body, to maximize opportunities to design new card artworks and increase brand value.

There's more.

This new chip module format is also a way to reduce fraud where chips are being replaced on credit cards as reported by PC magazine.

New chip module meets all standards

The DIAMs chip module meets all standards of the chip card and payment card industry, without impacting either electrical or graphical personalization. 

The functional characteristics and reliability of smart banking cards remain unchanged. 

This DIAMs module will now be used for Gemalto banking and retail contact card products. It will not however be used for combi cards or modules.