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Contactless payment is everywhere

Consumers around the globe can now enjoy the ease, speed and convenience of contactless payment for small, frequent transactions using cards, mobiles, rings and wristbands.

Contactless makes your everyday payments simple

Contactless is really convenient: no need to carry cash in your wallet or purse. It is easy and quick to use: no need to enter a PIN code for all your small and frequent transactions, simply tap your card on the payment terminal and you're done!

Did you know that a contactless transaction is two times faster than using a PIN and much quicker than using cash?

Contactless delivers value to all players

Contactless means value for all stakeholders: issuing banks, retailers and consumers.

For issuing banks, it means more revenue with low value payments. Consumers use more often their cards than before.

For retailers, it means more revenue thanks to faster check-out, greater security due to less cash management and an improved customer experience because of less queuing.

And consumers all over the world love them because it's a quick, easy and practical way to pay.

Contactless creates new payment opportunities

With contactless, payment is no longer limited to the traditional card format! 

It opens the door to new opportunities and innovations based on exciting wearable payment devices such as rings, wristband and watches.

You can also choose to combine payment with new applications for transport or tickets to major events such as music festivals or sports meetings. 

That's why contactless adoption has rocketed

With 1.5 billion cards delivered in 2019 alone, the number of contactless cards shipped now exceeds that of contact cards. And this is just the beginning!

There will be 2.7 billion contactless cards delivered by 2023, thanks to the technology taking off in markets such as the US, Brazil, and South Asia. 

In the pioneering early-adopter markets such as the UK, Canada, Europe and Australia, the number of transactions carried out via a contactless card is growing fast. In the UK, for example, tap and pay now accounts for more than 40% of all card transactions.

Further proof of the technology's success is the move by banks to increase the spending limit per transaction to meet consumer demand. Contactless started with a £15 limit at launch in the UK in 2014, has now hit £30, with a recent survey showing that 50% of Brits want it raised further, to £50!

Explore new ways of paying over the transaction limit with our fingerprint biometric card offer.

Looking for a contactless partner?

Thales is the world's most experienced supplier of contactless technology.

Since the very first pilots and launches in 2007, Thales has provided its contactless expertise to more than 600 financial institutions in over 100 countries around the world.

Thanks to our huge manufacturing capabilities, in 2019 we delivered more than 540 million contactless cards and modules.

Our proven expertise allows us to support banks at all stages of their project deployment, from the decision to start rollout until the commercial launch. We support you to define the best strategy, establish the right ecosystem, ensure merchant education and training, and initiate communication.

Find out more about our secure options to pay, communicate and interact with customers.


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