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Using contactless

What do consumers want from new methods of payment? The answer is almost always more convenience.

When we have a choice between different ways of making a purchase, we tend to move towards the option that's less cumbersome and easier to use. Today, more and more consumers are finding the next level of convenience in contactless payment – in all its different shapes from cards to mobiles to smart wearable devices. Just tap, pay and go.​​​

Millions of people have already adopted contactless technology, and by 2016 there is now more than 24 million contactless-enabled Point of Sale (POS) terminals worldwide. Usage differs from country to country, but growth is observed everywhere. In Australia for example, contactless transactions already account for 65% of the global amount of card transactions.

Contactless payment is a safe bet anywhere carrying cash is inconvenient – like at major events and festivals, when out and about in the city, on the beach, or in public transport. Once you've gotten used to the added benefits like faster transactions and reduce​​d queues, you don't want to go back. ​​​

  • The global contactless wave

    The global contactless wave

    Let our collection of success stories from around the world inspiring you to make the most of the possibilities of contactless!

    The global contactless wave
How contactless technology works 

Contactless wearables

Wearable devices

Wearable devices 

How contactless technology works

How it works?​