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Wearable payments technology – looks awesome, works great!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Contactless Wearable

​From wristbands, fitness trackers and watches to jewellery and clothing, the potential of wearables technology is promising. According to ABI Research[1], global wearable device shipments are set to hit more than 500 million by 2021, and analysts estimate that 20% of these d​evices will be equipped with a payment, transport or access control feature. 

With contactless payment becoming available at an increasing number of locations, paying for your morning coffee is now only about tapping your bank card in front of the terminal at your favourite coffeehouse. Thanks to its strong R&D capability, Gemalto has managed to condense the technology that enables a contactless card to speak to a reader into a tiny piece of secure payment technology so that it can be integrated in a range of products with all kind of shapes and sizes. 

Why not be part of the next innovation wave and revolutionize the way we pay for goods? Launch a new technology that transforms card payments from a commodity into a must-have fashion item: the wearable contactless device.

What's your accessory?

Whether you want to go for a hype or a low-key style, the technology is already out there and making a difference to consumers. 

Recent years have seen a plethora of different wearable projects. In the UK, we've seen contactless payments via NFC-enabled bracelets, phone cases and keychains, for example, in a fun and colourful series from the co-branding program of Barclays x Topshop. More recently, stylish contactless rings were used by a selected few in Rio 2016 Olympic Games. 

And if convenience, ease of use and security are what you're looking for, contactless wristbands – as seen at festivals, sporting events or just on a beach near you – certainly tick all the boxes. 

If you want to be seen as an innovator who is one step ahead of the crowd, wearable contactless devices are a must. We've devised a range of offers that combine the convenience of a wrist-worn wearable with the speed of contactless payment to give your customers a convenient way to pay for their groceries, newspaper, lunch – or even their daily commute by public transport. 

Gemalto wearables offer

Whether you're a bank, an event organizer, a transport operator or a wearable maker, please your customers with good-looking, frictionless and totally secure contactless wearable devices. We've developed a complete range of offers to enable you to make the most of your wearables projects.​ 



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