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Wearables for Banks


Become the leading innovative bank with our banking operating system and a complete range of contactless applications. 

Contactless wearable technology is shaking the planet and getting consumers' attention. 

Wristbands and devices based on Gemalto's field-proven  wearable portfolio of MiniTags and MicroTags have received top reviews at major events and sports tournaments. 

People have already enjoyed how simple it is to use the technology to make everyday payments or access the transport network. 

The technology matches fun, ease of use and innovation with a tangible commercial value proposition. 

Fully certified by the leaders in the payments field, our  MiniTag and MicroTag are ready to be inserted in any plastic, fabric or leather wristband for a swift deployment, in a trendy manner. 

Innovation remains key for Gemalto. At the end of 2018, Gemalto has launched a new addition to its wearables product portfolio: the FlexiTag. 

Technical specifications have been pushed to their limit to create the smallest passive contactless card in the world that is certified by Visa and MasterCard. The FlexiTag is not only flexible but is also completely hidden when it's molded or embedded into very thin wristbands. 

Choose your Tag

The Wearable p​​ortfolio provides the building blocks for a great contactless deployment. 

Since flexibility is vital to any type of innovative rollout, we offer the Wearable MiniTag, the Wearable MicroTag and the  Wearable FlexiTag options. 

MiniTag and MicroTag both provide the same great contactless experience, while ensuring you can meet all your customers' needs. 

The MiniTag has already been certified by Visa, MasterCard and Amex. 


It can be used at all locations where these companies accept contactless payments. Thanks to these international certifications, competitive price point, flexibility and ease of production, the MiniTag is ideal for mass deployments, making it one of our most popular wearable products. 

In fact, top bank brands have already rolled out the technology to a broad acclaim. And with waterproof certification, th​​​​e MiniTag is ideal for use on the beach or at the swimming pool – a delight for consumers. 


As its name suggests, the MicroTag is smaller than the MiniTag, but it is no less powerful. 

Because we haven't compromised on performance in creating this technology, it has received thumbs up from VIP customers as well as major bank brands. 

Our clients tell us that their customers love it and that they've won a lot of media attention for a technology that is convenient, innovative, fun and secure – in a product just the size of a SIM card

Its miniature format, plus its customized design with bank logo makes the MicroTag particularly well suited for those deployments where end users insert the tag by themselves in all kinds of wearables devices.​ 


The FlexiTag is designed to be inserted by the manufacturer of the final device, leading to a ready out-of-the-box contactless experience for end users. 

The best way to ensure broad acceptance of contactless technology is to make sure end-users can use the new feature without any additional action or specific handling instructions. FlexiTag makes this possible.​


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    From wristbands, fitness trackers and watches to jewellery and clothing, the potential of wearables technology is promising. Why not be part of the next innovation wave and revolutionize the way we pay for goods? Launch a new technology that transforms card payments from a commodity into a must-have fashion item: the wearable contactless device. See some of the ways Gemalto makes it happen in this animated film.

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