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​Wearable devices for OEMs - Get into payment-ready wearables

​​​​​​​​​​The contactless payments business is changing and the market for wearable payment devices is growing year-on-year.

Wearables for OEM

Whether yoWearables for OEMu're a fitness band maker, a manufacturer of high-end luxury watches or a creator of high street fashion, you can trust Gemalto to support you to make your fashion items contactless payment-ready.  

While you concentrate on designing the most on-trend or eye-catching device, we're focused on delivering the building blocks to ensure that the technology is secure, convenient and delivers a user experience that paves the way for success.  

Our support comes in the form of an embedded module, an active chip and a flexible tag, all key elements of the Gemalto portfolio of payment and transport applications. 

Full embedded module

To meet your individual requirements, they're all available in several varieties: in different formats, in passive or active contactless mode, and with a range of casing integration options, such as molding and soldering. 

These wearable manufacturer-dedicated products can be designed using embedded Secure Element technology. Their key advantage is that they deliver contactless capabilities through a directly connected antenna – no additional components needed.  

Active chip

For electronic wearables, Gemalto has designed a product involving the most discrete components possible, which means smallest energy consumption and the smallest contactless antenna available. 

This makes it much simpler to integrate, and ensures an outstanding contactless performance and end user experience. 

Flexible tag

For non-electronic wearables, Gemalto has designed Wearable FlexiTag, perfect for garments or other items in flexible materials. It enables wearable manufacturers to add contactless payment to their devices even if they have no expertise in the technology. The FlexiTag is completely invisible when molded or inserted in for example leather details.  

Launching your own pay solution

Our technology enables our customers to focus on their core business. 

As part of this philosophy, we provide wearable makers with a complete end-to-end solution from the hardware to the payment solution. 

Whether wearable makers want to launch their own 'pay' solution or prefer relying on a payment program, Gemalto is the right entry point to set this up. In addition, thanks to our Trusted Service Hub ( TSH) that is already connected to a multitude of banks and tokenization servers, we can offer a turnkey payment solution adapted to your target audience. 

Mobilize our payment expertise

The payment ecosystem is a complex arena that demands detailed knowledge of legal and regulatory requirements, major IT infrastructure investments and a high level of security expertise. 

Our payment service solutions are focused on ease of implementation – we look after every aspect of your payment deployment and help you optimize your time to market. 

The contactless technology is compatible with any existing NFC-enabled Point of Sale. 

Consumers can easily link their device to their current bank account and use it to top up. A mobile application makes it easy to track payments, reload and change the funding card. 

By making use of Gemalto's raft of solutions, wearable makers can develop exciting, innovative fashionable devices with a hidden and secure contactless payment capability. 

We help you make sure that the new products are easy to deploy, and that they offer your customers a great user experience.​


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