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Wearables for transport – a world of opportunities for operators and city services


Transport organizations are keen to constantly improve their customers' journey. 

Wearables for Transport

Part of this global strategy is to make ticketing simpler and more convenient by removing cash and paper tickets, and replacing them with innovative solutions. 

Smart ticketing can go far beyond simply entering the gate by integrating extra services and events in the city. ​​

Smart ticketing and contactless payment

Wearables for Transport

With a range of services and solutions for faster, easier and more secure ticketing and payment, Gemalto supports transport operators in their digital transformation. 

As people become increasingly familiar with contactless payment, contactless wristbands used for mass transit can intuitively meet the needs of people on the go. 

Gemalto contactless​ wristbands are a fast and easy-to-deploy way to bring convenience to commuters.

Gemalto contactless wristband supports multiple transport standards such as Calypso, MIFARE and CEPAS, in addition to EMV technology for payment. 

Wristbands are easily customizable to feature the transport operator's logo, or the city's emblem. 

A highly miniaturized chip and antenna is either inserted, or embedded inside Gemalto contactless wristbands with all the functionalities of a standard contactless travel card and, if requested, an EMV payment card

The technology also works seamlessly with the majority of NFC smartphones and devices, making it easy for users to reload travel credit and for inspectors to check travel passes and travelers' identities electronically. 

Team up with events to offer a great experience

Olympic Games, sport championships and big festivals are just a few examples of occasions when transport operators need to partner with event organizers and city authorities. 

Part of Gemalto's solutions portfolio, the Smart Event Platform enables multiple stakeholders – city authorities, event organizers and transport firms – to team up and deliver a complete event guest experience. 

Gemalto can provide everything from the production, packaging and fulfillment of the contactless wristbands to added value services such as integrated mobile apps, mobile marketing and social media campaigns.  

Wearables for transport: Convincing business cases

During the Euro 2016 event in the city of Lille in northern France, the public transport operator Keolis Lille was the world's first to roll out contactless wristbands for transport. Keolis Lille anticipated a significant increase in travelers, as the city welcomed up to 300,000 extra visitors for the tournament. Read more 

In the UK, the Saracens rugby union club has adopted the technology to enable speedy and secure contactless payment at the club's stadium in north London, as well as to facilitate access to London's public transport network. Read more 

More recently in Brasil, RioCard, Rio de Janeiro's public transportation ticketing operator, implemented contactless transport ticket wristbands and stickers in preparation for 500,000 expected foreign visitors at the most important sport events in the world. Read more ​


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