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Contactless stickers for payment by Gemalto

​​​​​​​How do you ensure you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to developing your mobile strategy? 

Choose Gemalto: it's got you covered! 

​Contactless payment now

The Gemalto Contactless Sticker can be stuck to the back of any cell phone to transform it into a secure contactless payment device

The Sticker's a fast and cost-effective way of enabling your customers to use their phone to pay for goods and services straight away – no waiting for up to two years to sign a new contract for an NFC-enabled device. 

Thanks to a bigger antenna and patented shielding technology, the sticker delivers great performance, even on the latest smartphones. And it's designed to work in challenging environments, so it can be used on any case materials – whether they're plastic or metallic. 

It's not only about you offering your customers a convenient new means of payment: you can also enhance their experience with an app that lets them control every aspect of the sticker – including activating and deactivating it – as well as keep tabs on their spending. 

And because it's quick and simple to deploy, you can roll it out without third parties, putting you firmly in control of your contactless payment deployment. 

Easy as 1-2-3-pay!​ 

 Contactless Sticker 

All your customers need to do is simply snap the sticker out of its holder, fix it to their device and start making payments with their new contactless 'card'.

Your customers will give it the thumbs up as they'll get all the advantages of contactless payment immediately. It won't be long before they're making quick, easy and secure payments by simply tappi​​ng the Sticker that's attached to their favorite handset. And, thanks to the phone app, they'll always have the peace of mind that they can stay in control of their payments. 


 A format to suit you​

Gemalto Contactless Stickers will boost your brand and the number of transactions your customers make. Choose the format that's right for you:

  • ​​A companion device for an existing payment card linked to the same account – for everyday payment

  • A standalone solution with a prepaid service and specific packaging – to target defined segments such as kids, or for major sporting or music events.


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