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Advanced payment cards (EMV and beyond)

Advanced payment solutions

​​​​Advanced p​​ayment cards for leading edge issuers

Gemalto is offering advanced payment cards, contact and contacless,  for the most demanding financial institutions. 

In addition to the core EMV technology and applications, Gemalto's advanced payment cards incorporate advanced features and applications for innovative issuers.

This range empowers our customers to deliver a wealth of value-added services to boost card usage and help generate new revenue streams. 

These advanced payment cards exists in both Java and native OS technologies.

Advanced paymen​​t solutions

You can be first-to-market with differentiating and innovative services.

Debit and credit applications such as VSDC, M/Chip, D-PAS, AEIPS and J/Smart are built into the range. 

On top of the basic needs of your financial applications, you have an extensive range of possibilities to offer new services to your cardholders.

Thanks to MPCOS, a multi-application toolbox/ framework, you can use innovation to entice new customers. And you will make the most of a brand new and evolving portfolio provided by Gemalto. 

More than 350 applications are already in the field. 

Capable of responding to large orders, these advanced cards also include enhanced applications for specific countries like:

  • Korea, 
  • China, 
  • Taiwan, 
  • Japan,
  • Latin America.

Tailore​​d to the issuer's strategy

Wherever you look for programs supporting affinity within payment, they will often feature Gemalto's advanced cards. Gemalto already works with a number of partners on such programs, and they may be local to you.

These payment cards already used with a wide variety of applications that help issuers to increase their reach: home banking, biometry, university, transport, mobile banking and many others.

Comple​te packaged solution

The advanced payment cards are available in various configurations to suit your needs:

  • M/Chip2, M/Chip4, M/ChipAdvance, VIS1.4, VIS1.5, Amex AEIPS, PBOC2.0 and 30, D-PAS, JSmart2.0
  • SDA and DDA
  • From 8K to 72K
  • A powerful set of features and applications. Optelio Java cards include all EMV applications + Online CAP + MPCOS + country-specific applications (Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc…) + PKI applications, and many more…

They also feature white-label payment applications compliant with EMV Co. standards, addressing the needs of domestic and private-label card issuers.

Pay@Gate offer

Gemalto's latest contactless EMV cards support the Pay@gate concept, which is the Open Loop EMV application for Transport payment directly at the gate, replacing cash, ticket or dedicated e-purse.
Relying on EMV technology, it makes transport card interoperable. ​​​​

Comprehensive suppor​t near you

Gemalto provides you with efficient support and services near you, either directly or through its network of partners.

Consulting services on advanced new applications can be arranged through the Gemalto office near you.