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Value Payment Cards - Highly cost efficient for mass EMV deployments

​​Value payment cards

Proven and efficient payment cards

Gemalto's Entry-level card provides the essential benefits of banking cards for cost-conscious issuers. 

It's Gemalto's solution for basic payment applications.

  • A highly reliable product with the best value-for-the-money in the industry
  • All profiles like JCB, Amex, PBOC, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa in SDA and DDA supported in contact and dual interface version.
  • Compatible with your application and market environment (Multos, Java, Native OS cards, etc.)..
  • Available in Debit / Credit application.

For large and small EMV Card deployments

The Entry-level card portfolio comprises a range of products and services that precisely address your need for both choice and beneficial contractual terms. 

It includes the commonly used CAP and DPA as well as all the advantages of EMV CHIP cards.

Best value: you only pay for what you need

Our Entry-level card has been designed for cost-efficiency, and Gemalto fully integrates your specific needs into the cost and price structure. 

It offers value-for-the-money without compromising product performance.

Operational robustness excluding any risk of shortage

It is critically important for financial institutions to have seamless EMV deployments. Entry-level card has been designed for large and smooth rollouts, and offers the following benefits:

  • Most Entry-level card products are double-sourced. This means that the issuer has a stable supply;
  • On-Time Delivery action plans are agreed with the customer using Service Level Agreements that are reviewed together on a regular basis;
  • Gemalto delivers more than 10 million Entry-level card​ cards every month, so we are capable of handling very large orders and substantial upsides.
  • Back-up Recovery Plans can be structured around specific Service Level Agreements to ensure constant deliveries of Entry-level card personalized cards to customers.
  • Gemalto has numerous blue-chip customers for Entry level cards spread across 60 countries.

Gemalto protects its customers from the risks of shortage with its unrivaled size and strong management of its double-sourced supply chain.

Entry-level card Contactless Card

Our Entry-level card range is the next-generation high-performance cards with enhanced features for speedy transactions. 

A Highly cost-efficient for mass EMV-contactless deployments with Dual-interface card for MasterCard, Visa and Amex issuers.

Pay@Gate offer

Gemalto's latest Entry-level card​ & Advanced payment card​ contactless EMV range supports the Pay@gate concept, which is the Open Loop EMV application for Transport payment directly at the gate, replacing cash, ticket or dedicated e-purse.

Relying on EMV technology, it makes transport card interoperable.

Great support. Just around the corner.

Gemalto provides well-staffed and efficient support close to the customer, either directly or through its network of partners. 

With worldwide manufacturing operations, personalization centers, sales offices, and technical support facilities, Gemalto is committed to the success of its customers.

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