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Payment Display Cards

​​Online payment and security ​​​​​​​​​Online payment and security

Consumers are increasingly getting concerns about media reports about internet hacking scams and data breaches. People are wondering how safe all these digital services truly are. Since it's not an option to go back to times when hiding cash in a closet was common practice, we all must play a role in providing easy to use and robust security that gives consumers the confidence that it is safe to make digital transactions.

Online payment and security  

Fighting the weakest step in​​ the payment chain

Gemalto is leading the battle to deliver secure payment card technology that strengthens security while remaining simple to use. Taking Gemalto Dynamic Code Card as an example, it turns out to be a powerful differentiator for issuers operating in a crowded market. 78% of cardholders would like their bank to offer it to them. Furthermore, it can significantly boost card spending because 67% of cardholders say they would use it instead of other cards. (Source: Gemalto Consumer Research Project, 2015).