Payment Display Cards

​​Online payment and security ​​​​​​​​​Online payment and security

Consumers are increasingly getting concerns about media reports about internet hacking scams and data breaches. People are wondering how safe all these digital services truly are. Since it’s not an option to go back to times when hiding cash in a closet was common practice, we all must play a role in providing easy to use and robust security that gives consumers the confidence that it is safe to make digital transactions.

Fighting the weakest step in​​ the payment chain

Gemalto is leading the battle to deliver secure payment card technology that strenghtens security while remaining simple to use. Our portfolio of payments cards, which is being chosen by issuers around the world, is all about security, functionality and innovation.

It is designed to:

  • attract new customers
  • increase customer loyalty.

Gemalto Dynamic Code Verification (DCV) card

Our next generation payment card improves security by removing the weakest link in the Card Not Present (CNP) payment chain.  The card allows Issuers to show their  commitment  to bring its cardholders stronger security while strongly decreasing the CNP Fraud management costs they bear.

It is a classic contact or contactless EMV payment card that displays a dynamic security code, automatically changing over time without the cardholder’s intervention.

  • This easy-to-use and intuitive technology replaces the static security code that consumers are familiar with: 
  • Gemalto DCV card’s time-limited code is displayed in a small ePaper screen on the back of the card and generated every 20 minutes. And because it is time limited, it significantly reduces the risk of it being stolen by a hacker.
  • Gemalto DCV card brings the right mix between convenience and security, therefore cardholders will simply love it! This card will become the Top of their Wallet!

The card is part of the Gemalto DCV solution and is fully integrated with Gemalto’s other card services, including personalization, packaging, end-user mailing and fulfillment.

Ezio eBanking Security suite

The Dynamic Code Verification card which is an issuer-centric card-not-present (CNP) security solution based on a payment display card is personalized using the Drop On Demand printing.
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