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Display Payment Card: combining ease-of-use and security

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Meet the Gemalto Display Payment Card​

Display card

Looking for a high-end, all-in-one solution that enables you to deliver extra value to your customers? 

Then the Display Payment Card could be the answer. 

Not only does it add value, it also reflects your brand image, thanks to the latest technology that integrates a display and keypad on the card.
We have designed this solution to strengthen trust between banks and end-users. 

Convenient and easy to use, it encourages customers to make higher value and more frequent transactions and use the card's additional functions.

Gemalto Display Payment Card is use​​r-friendly

The display card come with an embedded LCD display and an optional keypad. It is a proven and trusted card format which simplifies everyday life.


Because there is no longer any need for additional devices such as a card reader to consult balances or process online authentication.

Our self-management device (SMD) provides convenient functions for trusted transactions. 

The multifunctional Display payment card​ works like a regular credit/debit card. 

The display smart card combines all your customers need for typical daily banking and payment activities -- from ATM and EMV payment, loyalty and bank account access, to generating one-time passwords for online authentication. 

What's more, you can also send marketing messages to the cardholder directly via the terminal.

Gemalto Display Payment Card is full​​​y integrated

Display payment card​ integrates a magnetic stripe and an EMV contact or contactless chip for payment, with a keypad option that protects the card. 

It offers a natural step up in banking and authentication solutions, making it easy for banks and their customers to migrate from traditional EMV payment cards to the more multifunctional Smart Mobile devices (SMDs). 

Why Gemalto?

Customers that opt for our solution benefit from our world-class expertise in EMV technology

Plus they can rely on the quality of our products and our production processes with issuance delivered by MasterCard and Visa-certified facilities. 

We also provide an outsourced hosted service or onsite server for one-time password (OTP) authentication. 

Display payment card​ ​ is fully integrated with our services -- from card personalization, customized card printing and engraving, and packaging, to end-user mailing and fulfillment.

The display card: Ke​y features

  • ​Multi-application including balance, last transaction, messaging and OTP
  • Magnetic stripe and EMV payment
  • 6-digits display
  • Integrated keypad for PIN entry and challenge/response and menu
  • Capable of generating 5,000 up to a maximum of 15,000 (optional) displays
  • Laser engraving personalization for cards with keypad.

TEB & Gemalto, World's first interactive display payment card

Hear from Hasan Erdal - VP Card & Payment Systems why TEB-PNB Paribas in Turkey selected Gemalto Display payment card​