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Consulting services for contact and contactless payments

​​​​​EMV consulting services

Optimize your payment card portfolio

​​​​​​​​Millions* of people around the world are now using smart payment cards for debit and credit payments. 

Obviously, financial institutions have two majors goals:

  • Increase card usage
  • provide innovative services for users.
It's key for them to have the right technology in place and a challenge as payment cards are getting more sophisticated. 


More specifically, card profile definition is a crucial stage in the issuance process. It ensures your product fits your specific payment strategies and complies with domestic and/or international payment scheme requirements.

* Over 8,2 billion EMV cards are now in circulation in 2019.

Mobilize our experts

Thanks to our technical expertise in security and chip card standards, including EMV and contactless payment, we have the capacity to scale your EMV needs according to payment schemes mandates, enabling you to achieve your time-to-market goals.

We will review your chip strategy with you, taking into account both your current and future needs. 

We will help you to evaluate new products and services, so you can pinpoint which debit/credit applications and e-commerce functionality you require.

While working with our consultants, you can be assured that you will benefit from our expertise right up to and including the rollout. We can:

  • Provide custom​ized training on the functiona​​​​l specifics of the latest dual-interface payment card specifications.
  • Translate your business requirements into technical EMV card content that complies with the requirements of international schemes.
  • Guide you through defining a bespoke dual-interface or contactless-only card profile.
  • Define a detailed personalization specification document that will be used as reference by the Personalization Bureau.
  • Help you with the card personalization validation process and provide technical assistance during development.​


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