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EMV Migration - mobilize our EMV consultants and technical expertise

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​EMV migration

​​​The main drivers behind this sweeping change are either a determination to reduce card fraud and related losses or a wish to increase customer retention and service. 

The EMV migration, the move to chip-based credit and debit cards, is far from just a mandate and our team of bank consultants and payment experts is here to help.

Unlock the power of EMV

This new, global standard is also the gateway to a promising market of expanded services catering to today’s increasingly sophisticated cardholders. 

By making the switch, banks will maximize the advantages of chip-based technology. 

You will be able to provide exceptional levels of transaction security while greatly enhancing your offerings with value-added services such as loyalty, pre-paid products, secure authentication for Internet banking, e-commerce and smart ticketing schemes. 

Your customers will feel reassured and pampered, as you will be able to deliver personalized services through secure and convenient applications.

Mobilize our EMV consultants

As one of the major contributors to the technology behind EMV, e-purse, mobile and contactless payment, Gemalto knows just how smart cards can be made to work for your organization.  

We will work with you so we understand your problems and what you want to achieve. 

There's more.

We will ensure the smooth running of your current project and help you to innovate. 

When planning your EMV implementation, the crucial thing to decide is what you want to do with smart card technology. 

So we will work with you to analyze your current infrastructure, business model and customer base. 

We will help you to understand the impact of chip & PIN on your infrastructure and business processes in these five major areas:

  • Cards
  • Acquiring systems (ATM, POS, network)
  • Issuing systems
  • Authorization and clearing system
  • Card Management systems
​​​​​We can transfer our know-how to your IT teams or provide you with a turnkey issuance solution, leaving you free to focus on your core business. 

With direct access to our expertise, we will significantly reduce your costs, minimize project risk, and optimize rollout timescales​.

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