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Mobile Payment

​​​​​​​​​​​​Leverage banking and telecom expertise for NFC & HCE projects

In a few years' time, using your cell phone to make a payment will be as common as using a card. In fact, NFC opens the door to a new shopping experience and enables consumers to enjoy the simplicity, the convenience and the interactivity of mobile contactless payments.

The ever-increasing momentum behind NFC is generating a vast range of business opportunities for banks, service providers and new players in the payments ecosystem.

Gemalto Consulting experts leverage their banking and telecoms expertise to assess the business drivers for your mobile payment initiative. By getting the most from market solutions, they help you to define your implementation strategy in the shortest possible time.

They will discuss the challenges and solutions with you, as well as the benefits and opportunities that mobile payment promises​. They will give you the key information and advise you on the latest trends to enable you to make the right choices for your implementation.

Defining the services you offer and the customer journey are vital to the success of your mobile payment  solution. So our Consulting experts will help you to appraise the different technologies and identify the payment experience that fits your market, as well as defining the business functions you need.

They can help you with your entire project, from the creation of your business model to the deployment of the service. This includes:

  • Standard or customized training sessions for your teams on the possibilities and opportunities of NFC mobile payments.
  • Analysis of your requirements to select the most suitable options for your implementation of an NFC mobile payment program based on SE, TEE or HCE technologies.
  • Interactive workshops to define the NFC mobile payment application functionalities, the electrical profile of your NFC payment and how your wallet's user interface operates.​

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