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Cards customization

​​​Leading US finance cooperative America First Credit Union grows business and customer retention with Gemalto’s AllAboutMe

America First

​The Customer

The concept of credit unions, which originated in Europe in the mid-1800s, sees consumers who are underserved by banks pooling their resources to form cooperatives. 

America First is one of the largest of these credit unions in the US. In fact, it's the seventh largest in the country- with more than 111 branches and 707,000 members. 

Credit unions exist to serve the needs of their members. They educate members about how to manage money sensibly to help improve their finances. This service-oriented philosophy is the most significant aspect of credit union membership. 

As part owners, members have the right to vote on decisions affecting the organization, under the principle of one member, one vote.

The Challenge​

​America First wanted to launch a program to sustain and increase growth in business from new members and to meet the financial needs of its existing members more fully.

It created a complete ​set of objectives aimed at achieving this, including:

  • Improving the relationship with customers who mainly banked online and did not visit branches for a personal banking relationship.
  • Improving customer retention.
  • Increasing the number of transactions per customer.
  • Buidling on its reputation as an innovator in the credit union

The Solution​

America First has used AllAboutMe since 2012 

Available via PC, tablet, mobile or by selecting a photo from a Facebook album, AllAboutMe is the award-winning turnkey card design application​ that allows cardholders to create their own personal cards online using photos of a loved one, pet, favorite place or memorable event.​

Why Gemalto?

With more than 200 issuers globally, Gemalto delivers unique implementations that meet the security requirements of the world’s largest financial institutions while fulfilling the budget requirements of local credit unions and banks.

AllAboutMe's greatest asset is its simplicity. Your cardholders can look forward to an easy and secure experience that lets them design their new favorite payment card whether they are at home, in a branch or even on holiday!​​​​

​The Ben​​efits

​The key driver for card personalization is the bond it creates between the cardholder, the card and the issuer. This generates loyalty, reduces churn and leads to front-of-wallet placement.

The implementation of AllAboutMe has allowed America First to put the needs of customers first and reward their loyalty with a number of important results. These include:​​

Credit R​esults

  • Program penetrated 30% of portfolio
  • Transaction frequency increased by 68%
  • Balances increased by 10%

Debit Results

  • Program penetrated 62% of portfolio 
  • Transaction frequency increased by 84%
  • Cardholders wrote 21% fewer checks
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