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Gemalto offers El Corte Inglés store card holders an easy route to Samsung Pay



  • Spain's biggest department store brings the speed and convenience of mobile payment to its about 11 million cardholders

  •  Gemalto's Trusted Service Hub ensures secure, quick and easy registration to Samsung Pay

  • PURE payment application offers Financiera El Corte Inglés* an independent payment eco-system​


The Context

Gemalto the world leader in digital security, is enabling El Corte Inglés, Spain's biggest department store, to offer customers the opportunity to easily complement their existing store payment card with the popular Samsung Pay mobile wallet.

The Solution

Gemalto's Trusted Service Hub (TSH) ensures a swift and secure transition to the mobile payment service for El Corte Inglés cardholders. The pioneering move makes Financiera El Corte Inglés the first private label card provider in Spain to adopt Samsung Pay.

The payment solution is based on PURE, a white label payment application which brings EMV technology to private label cards, reinforcing the Spanish retailer complete autonomy with its payment eco-system. 

The Benefits

Companion digitized cards can be created in an instant
Over 11 million consumers currently hold an El Corte Inglés payment card. For these shoppers, creating a digital card on Samsung Pay will involve nothing more than a simple online enrolment powered by the Gemalto TSH platform.

Gemalto's TSH provides the entire digitalization and tokenization process. In simple terms, El Corte Inglés cardholders can opt to replace the physical card's credential with a substitute digital value known as a token. Only the token's data is stored on the phone, ensuring that the real card credentials are protected from fraudsters and misuse.

As for customers, they benefit from the convenience brought by the digital card to pay for goods and services and can authenticate transactions instantly and securely using biometrics.

*Financera El Corte Inglés is the Financial Services arm of El Corte Inglés Group