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Digital PIN

​​​​​Intesa Sanpa​olo accelerates its digital banking transformation with Gemalto's Digital PIN
Intesa Sanpaolo 

The Cu​​stomer

​Intesa San Paolo is a leading Italian bank with more than 11 million customers and 4,000 branches across the country.

Its main priority was to rethink its in-branch and digital banking offers to become the first Italian multi-channel retail bank in Italy.​​​​

The Challenge​

Intesa Sanpaolo wanted to accelerate its digital banking transformation through a new innovative branch concept and by rethinking its model and how it interacted with its cardholders.

"Real-time electronic PIN delivery is a key element of our vision for digital, multi-channel banking" says Massimo Tessitore, head of Direct Channels, Mobile Payment and eCommerce Department at Intesa Sanpaolo.

Two key objectives were identified:​​

  • Paper-free bank strategy: eliminate all paper documents thanks to E-PIN delivery.​
  • Multichannel and digital strategy for a digital customer experience: offer the same service and experience across all channels, and offer customers a new app and website experience. 

The Solution​

​Gemalto supplied its Digital PIN solution that enables PIN delivery via:
  • SMS, 
  • web or
  • mobile banking app

The bank first rolled out Gemalto's PIN-by-SMS and PIN-by-Web solutions. These will soon will be joined by a new PIN-by-App channel, giving Intesa Sanpaolo's customers the freedom to access instant PIN notifications and reminders via their mobile phone, tablet or PC.  

The introduction of the world's first comprehensive e-PIN notification service marks the latest stage in the bank’s partnership with Gemalto, which is leveraging innovative digital technologies to enhance the customer experience, build competitiv​e advantage and ensure greater operating efficiency

1. Open your banking mobile application

2. Request your PIN code

3. Confirm your request

3. Here is your PIN code!

Why Gemalto?​

Regarded as an expert in electronic distribution, Gemalto was able to give live examples of successful projects and to provide a higher level of service with 3-distribution channels: SMS, web, and app.

A complete solution was implemented within a trusted ecosystem that was compliant with PCI-CP, international schemes and ABI local schemes.

Intesa Sanpaolo trusted Gemalto's solution to support them  in their choices and to ensure project deployment. 

"With its unique experience, footprint and certification, Gemalto was a natural choice of partner to meet our requirements for security, customer experience, brand image and cost reduction." says Massimo Tessitore, head of Direct Channels, Mobile Payment and eCommerce Department at Intesa Sanpaolo.​​

​The Benefits

Intesa Sanpaolo‘s adoption of Gemalto's Digital PIN solution is integral to its redesign of its in-branch and digital banking offer. 

More than 800,000 PIN codes have already been securely distributed, combining swift and seamless customer service with significant cost savings compared with traditional delivery by mail. Customers can activate and use their new credit and debit cards immediately by receiving instant notification of their PIN. Reminders can also be sent on request via any of the new channels, reducing the number of transactions cancelled because a customer has forgotten their PIN code. 

  • Best-in-class digital service: quick, easy, and flexible e-delivery at the most convenient time via the preferred channel. 
  • Greater satisfaction for cardholders
  • Higher retention rates for Intesa Sanpaolo

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Intesa Sanpaolo accelerates Digital Banking transformation with Gemalto’s Digital PIN