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Mobile Payment : Deliver an Optimized Digital Payment Experience

​As financial institutions, retailers, device makers or other enterprises, you want to enable your customers with mobile payment services. This needs to be deployed quickly, efficiently and securely to as many users as possible, to deliver them an optimized digital payment experience, regardless of the device they use.

This is what the Gemalto Trusted Service Hub (TSH) will bring to you. 

Digital payment solutions


If you are an issuer, we connect you to tokenization platforms to benefit from OEM wallets and we help you to create your own wallet. 

If you are a wallet provider, we will provide you with the highest number of digital cards possible, via all channels, leveraging on the secure technology of tokenization. 

This all in a simple and secure way with:

  • Convenience. Mobile payments provide ultimate end user convenience and an innovative brand image.
  • Reach. Gemalto enables you to connect all your users, via all issuers, devices, tokenization platforms - fully certified - and wallets available in the market- both OEM wallets and Host Card Emulation (HCE) wallets.

  • Simplicity. One single connection provides you scalable mobile payment projects-on any devices, everywhere.

  • Versatility. All kind of security options are supported, Secure Elements (SE), Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) and Host Card Emulation (HCE).

  • Expertise. Benefit from Gemalto's experience in mobile payments and excellence in operations.

  • Future Proof. Gemalto sitting at the heart of the payment industry.

Our audience

Digital Payment for Banks and Financial institutions 

Banks and Processors

How to stay or become top of the digital wallet Create your HCE wallet or digitize your card portfolio in existing wallets as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay.

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Mobile payment for Retailers 


How to improve your customers shopping experience for payment and loyalty programs Multi-channel, multi-device, a unified check-out experience.

Learn more about smart shopping with mobile payments

Digital payment technologies forPrivate Label issuers 

Private Label issuers

How to boost your card usage by digitizing them and profiting from the benefits smartphones bring to customers, while staying independent

Learn more about digital cards & mobile payments

mobile payments with Wearables 


How to create a "must-have" device

Learn more about smart devices & mobile payments

digital payments and transport  

Mobile Ticketing for transport

How to reduce operational costs while increasing traveler convenience

Learn more about smart transport with digital & mobile payments

Fully Certified Solutions

Paper stamped with Trusted Partner  

Press Release

Deploy your digital payment solution securely and easily via Gemalto's platform connected to Mastercard® and Visa

Read about our platform connected to Mastercard and Visa

A trusted support

Digital Payments Consulting

Our consulting experts are available to support every aspect of your migration to the latest technologies - from planning to execution - to speed up your time to market.




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