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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Gemalt​o, a turnkey solution for banks, processors and schemes

To digitize all payment cards

Digital Payment for Banks and Finacnial institutions

​​​Banks and other issuers are increasingly deploying multiple payment schemes for their Digital Payment offering and can now find a single partner to manage all their digital issuance needs.

This is where Gemalto Trusted Service Hub​ (TSH) comes in. We makes it easy for you to digitalize your payment means onto connected devices.

Gemalto has a unique solution that combines and manages the digitization process, from tokenization, provisioning till payment acceptance all while targeting a wide range of wallets providers to increase the reach and card usage.

Tokenization is the process that converts cards' sensitive data into a unique digital identifier (or token) that can be deployed safely on smartphones and similar devices. The token allows payments to be processed without exposing actual account details that could potentially be compromised.

What's in it for you?

Manage every step of the card digital issuance.

  • Reach. Gemalto enables you to connect all your users, via all issuers, devices, tokenization platforms and wallets available in the market
  • Convenience. Digitalize your cards on different wallets: on-board to the main OEM wallet providers  or launch your own Host Card Emulation (HCE) digital payment wallet (either as an independent application or embedded in your mobile banking application)
  • Single entry point. Gemalto is offering a single gateway to connect Visa and Mastercard tokenization services, simplifying the way financial institutions can launch digital payment services but also provide tokenization services for domestic schemes and private label cards
  • Multi-scheme environment: Gemalto offers the single entry point to connect to multi-schemes –not only VISA & Mastercard but also international & domestic schemes and also offers the possibility for co-badging
  •  Expertise. Benefit from Gemalto's experience in digital payments and excellence in operations.

Card issuers  can rely on Gemalto to help them launch rapidly and massively mobile payment without having to face different security frameworks and integration's complexity, while benefiting from Visa's and MasterCard's tokenization.

​This is how it works:

The issuers – banks, processors – will transform traditional payment into convenient, secure and rewarding mobile experiences by launching their own issuers' wallet or easily on-boarding with major wallets providers.

  • Let your customers digitize cards to benefit from digital convenience
  • Validation of card credentials and acceptance of T&C is all what is needed for instant card digitization
  • With a simple tap on the POS, or by scanning the generated QR code, the customer pays
  • Manage your own UI and customer journey

​This is an example of a card enrolment flow​​​

1. Choose card

2. Verify card

3. Card is verified


This is how it works: making a contactless payment in a store​​​​​

1. Select a card for payment (optional)

2. Authenticate

3. Tap to pay

4. Transaction sent. See payment results on the payment terminal.

​​ Our p​​romises:

  • A fast time to market: thanks to an off-the-shelf cloud platform, pre-integrated with Visa's and MasterCard's tokenization services
  • An easy integration: you connect once for all to our TSH and target different schemes
  • A modular and scalable solution: making it easy and fast to add new wallets and use cases

 Case Study

  • Apple Pay in Japan

    Apple Pay in Japan

    Deploying secure contactless payment with tokenization and adopted by major payment card issuers.

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    Mobile Payment for Issuing Banks

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