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Retailers - Digitize all Payment Cards

​​​​​​​​​​​​Discover a turnkey solution for retailers to ..​.

  • digitize all payment cards, 
  • reach all your shoppers, 
  • via all their devices.


Consumer demand for digital payments is increasing and so the number of retailers, launching their mobile or multi-channel payment solution, creating a Host Card Emulation (HCE) wallet.

Mobile, Shop, Loyalty & Pay: the benefits of Gemalto offer for Retailers

Digitize all payment cards, digitalize your ​store payment cards:

  • Reach. All devices can be reached via NFC and QR code technologies. But even better, Gemalto has the only solution enabling you to reach all payment cards in the market
  • Loyalty. Convenience makes customers loyal. To increase convenience and remove any barriers, we integrate loyalty and payment in one
  • Added value. Gemalto integrates payments in your existing application, rising its customer value. Thanks to the convenience digital brings, your brand image and customer satisfaction will be boosted
  • Easy integration. Just one connection gives you access to all payment cards, including international schemes, domestic schemes and even your own branded cards
  • Security. Thanks to tokenization, we secure sensitive consumer data. Gemalto is not only a certified partner of Visa and MasterCard, but we also provide tokenization services for domestic schemes and private label cards

Gemalto makes mobile payment possible for Carrefour’s customers


​How to digitize a payment card via the retailer wallet and use it?

  • Let your customers digitize their payment and loyalty cards to benefit from digital convenience
  • Validation of card credentials and acceptance of T&C is all that is needed for instant card digitization
  • With a simple tap on the POS, or by scanning the generated QR code, the customer pays and validates his loyalty points
  • Manage your own UI and customer journey
  • Benefit from simplified enrolment and biometric authentication

Digitizing payment cards: easy as 1-2-3

  • The best end-user reach -reach- no matter what issuer, device or operating system
  • A cloud solution for minimal complexity and scalability
  • Excellent operations, experience and consultancy on your projects
  • Compliant with international and domestic schemes​