Tokenization Service for Payment

​​​​​​​​​What is tokenization?

Tokenization consists of replacing card credentials such as the PAN with a substitute value – a ’token PAN’. It is only the token data which is then stored in the mobile device – protecting the real card number from misuse.

​​Tokenization is the process that converts sensitive cardholder information into a unique token or unique digital identifier that can be deployed safely to mobiles and similar devices. Through Gemalto’s Trusted Service Hub​, digital cards can be deployed securely and seamlessly to card issuers’ own mobile wallets, as well as those offered by global OEMs or to connected devices issuers - wearables​ and innovative connected products.

  • ​Easy deploym​ent
  • Compliant with international payment schemes, -Visa, MasterCard, Amex- domestic payment schemes and white label EMV
  • ​E​​​nd-to-en​d security reliability an​d scalability
  • Glob​​al reach and local support
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What is tokenization

Let’s talk tokenization for mobile payment security

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Gemalto Tokenization Service at a glance​​​​​

Gemalto Tokenization Service is a versatile and turnkey service, covering HCE-enabled handsets, the management of credentials on Secure Elements, Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), or a combination.  It can be used for NFC payment and e-commerce​.​

It is part of Gemalto Trusted Service Hub (TSH) and is intended for banks and financial institutions who want to easily and securely deploy mobile payment services to the maximum number of their end users.

​  ​ 

Reach & convenience

  • Access to all your end users. Gemalto is capable to enable all your end users with mobile payments. Android, IoS, all open loop and private label payment brands, all major wallets or through your own application, via smartphones or wearables. 
  •  Mobile users want new services to be up and running right away, just like installing an app.  For Mobile Payment, the issuance of a Tokenized card with TSH meets this demand for instantaneous enrollment.

Simplicity & versatility

  • A single connection to Gemalto makes it possible to connect to issuers and/or wallets all over the world. 
  • Choose the appropriate security framework that’s right for your service, this includes secure elements (both SIM and embedded options), Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technologies, and emerging tokenization standards.

E​​​nd-to-en​d security

  • ​​Digitize your complete card portfolio with us, including all international payment brands such as Visa, MasterCard, Amex, domestic schemes and white label EMV
  • Gemalto Expert security analysts help make the right choices for your needs
  • Benefit from​ the broadest array of security options to protect your solution and control risk​

 Case study

  • Apple Pay in Japan

    Apple Pay in Japan

    Deploying secure contactless payment with tokenization and adopted by major payment card issuers.

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