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On the road to contactless success with Gemalto Contactless Deployment Guide

  1. ​​Why contactless is more
  2. Tapping into history
  3. What's in it for you?
  4. All roads lead to contactless. Which one's yours?
  5. United we stand
  6. It all happens at the merchant's
  7. It's time to communicate
  8. The future's around the corner

​​​The world has seen many successful launches of contactless payments worldwide. The prerequisites, market con​​​​ditions, end-user demands and legislation vary, but results all point in the same direction; great benefits for banks, merchants and users alike!

Our Contactless Deployment Guide is the result of a series of in-depth interviews conducted with key stakeholders at financial institutions that have issued contactless payment cards.

By sharing market insights, customer testimonials, best practices and success factors, the aim of this eBook is to help your bank succeed with your upcoming contactless deployment, help you start asking the right questions, make the correct choices, and allocate the resources and time necessary for success.

We hope you will consider this a helpful step-by-step guide towards a more successful contactless payment deployment.

Contactless Deployment GuideContactless Deployment Guide, on the road to success

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