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Deploying mobile payment for Banks: five criteria you should consider for your go-to-market strategy

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Part of your multi-channel strategy, mobile and wearables open new opportunities for you.  Those enable you to offer the best possible digital exp​eriences to your customers when using your financial services.  Mobile Payment is the opportunity for your brand to become a leading player in the mobile space, capitalizing on the huge customer intimacy toward smartphones.

Deploying Mobile Payment is very challenging due to the market fragmentation and complexity:  Multiple networks carriers, multiple handsets types and operating systems, multiple security frameworks. The mobile payment guide available in this section will help you to assess the various scenario and select the best possible go-to-market path for you.


The Key Criteria for assessment 

​​We assess all the possible mobile payment deployment paths and the main stakeholders. This assessment is based on the analysis of the different payment methods, evaluated with five key criteria with the knowledge of their specific strengths and objectives. We have gained extensive experience in many commercial deployments of mobile payments and services worldwide. This gives us the ability to be truly technology agnostic and consider every possible paths.  That work results in a guide document we are pleased to share with you. 



Digital payments go mobile​

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