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  • PSD2 The expert company

    The PSD2 Expert - Compliant means for your authentication needs

    Compliancy with PSD2 is one of the most important challenges for banks in this decade and Gemalto is fully committed to support its customers on this journey.

    PSD2 compliant means for your authentication needs
  • Understand PSD2 compliance and discover PSD2 solutions

    Read our white papers​​​ to understand the latest implications of PSD2 for the banking and payment landscape in ​europe​​​​.​​

    Download the whitepapers
  • Digital Banking to replace bricks and mortar within 5 years

    Gemalto’s eBanking Trends research revealed that nearly three quarters of IT and business decision makers from the banking sector predict that all customer interactions will be online in five years.

    Download the whitepaper
  • Gemalto Assurance Hub

    Gemalto Assurance Hub

    Flexible risk management for an optimized digital banking experience

    Gemalto Assurance Hub [PDF - 557kb]
  • Gemalto Ezio Suite for eBanking & eCommerce

    Gemalto Digital Security Suite

    Gemalto’s eBanking and eCommerce solutions help banks prepare for digital transformation by ensuring customer trust and regulatory compliance.

    Gemalto Digital Banking Suite of products
  • Gemalto Mobile Protector

    Gemalto Mobile Protector

    Secure online transactions with your smartphone

    Gemalto Mobile Protector [PDF - 641 kb]
  • Gemalto Mobile Secure Messenger

    Gemalto Mobile Secure Messenger

    Secure your online and mobile channels with your mobile phone

    Gemalto Mobile Secure Messenger [PDF - 1.2mb]
  • Gemalto Confirm Authentication Server

    Gemalto Confirm Authentication Server

    Field-proven authentication solution designed to enhance and secure your online banking services

    Gemalto Confirm Authentication Server [1.5mb]
  • Gemalto Dynamic Code Verification

    Mitigate fraud while preserving the consumer's online shopping experience

    Gemalto Dynamic Code Verification
  • Gemalto Display Card

    A display card for securing online banking transactions

    Display Card
  • Your customers bank on you

    5 steps to creating a whole new world of banking quality for your customers.

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