Authentication Server

Gemalto Confirm Authentication Server: The foundation for secure and convenient digital banking​


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Digital banking is changing fast with ever-evolving standards, new threats and demanding consumers. Gemalto's Confirm Authentication Server (CAS) is a high-performance authentication engine which allows banks to protect their customers' identities and transactions at all times. Able to support multiple technologies and devices, this field-proven solution is the bedrock of secure and convenient digital banking services.

The multi-channel, have-it-your-way, multi-technology eBanking, eCommerce authentication server

Simple and easy deployment & operations

This server works with multiple operating systems and server configurations and modules support industry standard protocols for seamless integration with existing bank architectures. Admin and User features are available through Web Service REST API. It allows banks easy integration in their existing portal, further admin and user features​

Why complicate thin​gs when what’s important is getting the right tokens to the right customers – fast. Enjoy a quick and simple token integration with Gemalto CAS.​​​



 What customers are saying

In Gemalto's new platforms and services model, we have found a proven technology partner that can also offer the flexibility and scalability necessary to evolve with this fast-changing marketplace. Artie Debidien, ICT & Operations Manager, Knab, Netherlands​​
[Gemalto Ezio solution's] unrivaled scalability and user-friendliness is making a substantial impact and increasing our customer confidence and adoption. The Ezio Authentication back-end also proved to be very swift and smooth to install meeting our challenging time schedule. Enrique Guadamuz, Executive Manager of Innovations and Technology, Banco Nacional de Panamá​
We have selected the flexibility and scalability of Gemalto’s Ezio server, because it can easily support multiple strong authentication devices, and expand into the mobile phone and optical reader technology. Quinten Fraai, General Manager Direct Channels, ING, Belgium​​​​