Gemalto Toolkit

​​​Ezio Toolkit Fast Deployment

The banking business is changing and the need for cutting edge security solutions has never been bigger. Leveraging on successful online banking deployments worldwide, Gemalto presents a flexible and versatile SDK and software toolkit for strong authentication – the Gemalto Toolkit. 

Gemalto Toolkit supports major authentication technologies; standard multi-factor authentication such as One Time Passwords (OTP), Challenge/Response and Transaction Data Signature as well as device data management. It is based on open standards.

The Gemalto Toolkit has been designed to support the changing needs of the online banking business. Its modular and scalable approach allows for fast and simple roll-out of two-factor based authentication devices – accelerating time-to-market and enabling a seamless integration to existing backend solutions.

Being part of the Gemalto Digital Banking Suite, the Gemalto Toolkit enables state-of-the-art online banking security easily integrated with existing back-end systems securing online banking authentication and transaction signing.