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Gemalto PKI Solutions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​PKI Solutions: Authenticate. Encrypt. Sign. In any form factors.

​​Authenticate. Encrypt. Sign. In any form factors. Gemalto PKI solutions keep your corporate assets safe.

Gemalto Swat Reader

Signature device that can fit into existing PKI systems to provide contextual control and device authentication during all the PKI signature operations.

  • Embedded secure element processing device authentication and displayed text signature
  • Secure PIN entry
  • Large display providing signature purpose description
  • USB or BLE connexion
  • PC, Mobile and Tablet support

​Gemalto eToken 5300

Ideal solution for enterprise looking to deploy high security of PKI while maintaining a convenient solution for employees.

  • Compact, tamper-evident USB with presence detection, which creates a third-factor authentication
  • Advanced cerificate-based applications such as digital signature, email encryption and pre-boot authentication
  • Secure remote access to VPNs, webportals and secure network logon
  • 2 possible sizes : Mini or Micro


Gemalto eToken 5300

 Gemalto PKI ​Software Suite

Web Signer

Gemalto​ Websigner

Gemalto Websigner is a PKI software that enables your web applications with Sign-What-You-See (SWYS) capabilities in compliance with the most recent browser security standards.

Web Connector

Gemalto Web Connector

The Gemalto solution that directly links your web application to your connected OTP or PKI devices without requiring any middleware installation or administrator rights on your PC.