Use the mobile phone to secure all your digital channels

​​​​​Mobile s​​uite: Use the mobile phone to secure all your digital channels​​​


​​​The mobile is shaking the entire financial ecosystem, requiring more convenience for consumers with new use cases and services. But it is also facing increasing cyber-attacks, calling for higher levels of security. And financial institutions need to make sure their security implementations comply with the regulations. The equation is complex, yet Gemalto Mobile authentication suite helps banks address all these challenges:

  • Providing state of the art security to the mobile channel
  • Allowing all other transaction channels to be secured with the mobile
  • And bringing also biometric authentication, for an unmatched convenience for banks' customers and right level of trust required for digital financial services to spread.

Gemalto Mobile authentication suite is already used by over 40 banks across the world to secure their financial services: Mobile banking, Mobile Wallet & Payment, Online Banking, eCommerce, Card Management, P2P money transfers and Cardless ATM to name a few!​

As simpl​​​e as a touch or a smile…

Gemalto Mobile Protector​​​

A Mobile Security and multi-factor authentication SDK to integrate into any mobile financial applications

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Turn any smartphone into a universal key unlocking access to all banking channels and digital services

Gemalto Mobile Messenger​

A Mobile Out-of-Band SDK to integrate into any mobile financial applications to secure non mobile channels

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What custo​mers are saying

"We have a long-standing and trusted partnership with Gemalto, and their strong local presence has played a key role in ensuring deployment of this new service. Gemalto Mobile Protector also offers us a clear roadmap to deliver further innovation for our customers."

Elena Degteva, Head of Remote Banking Services Department, VTB24, Russia


"The integration of Gemalto authentication technology into the Banrisul mBanking solution is the ideal option to keep Banrisul at the forefront of simple, secure mobile solutions that enhance our customers' experience and streamline our operations."

Jorge Krug, IT Security Superintendent, Banrisul, Brazil​