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Mobile Messenger

Gemalto Mobile Secure Messenger is an Out-of-Band server and a Mobile SDK allowing to turn any smartphone into a universal key unlocking access to all banking channels and digital services. Gemalto Mobile Secure Messenger strongly authenticates and validates operations of online banking, mobile banking, eCommerce, proximity payment, ATM, branches, etc.

Key features

  • Allows multi-channel banking and payment services
  • High performance Out Of Band Messaging Server based on In-Memory Data Grid technology
  • Proprietary Secure Channel (DEP) to overcome SSL weaknesses
  • Dynamic scalability with ability to add nodes to increase performance
  • Fault tolerant (no single point of failure)
  • Disaster recovery with WAN replication
  • Push notification Support with GCM, APNS, and MPNS push networks
  • Easy to implement API for fast deployment
  • Helps banks to comply with FFIEC, NIST, and PSD2 regulations
Ezio Mobile Secure Messenger