Mobile Protector

As simpl​​​e as a touch o​r a smile…​​​


Customers around the world love the simplicity and the spontaneity of the use of fingerprints or facial recognition for mobile apps access. A lot of banks are now looking into biometrics to replace the PIN/password and optimize the user experience for daily banking operations. Biometrics can also be used to digitally sign sensitive​​ transactions. 

Gemalto Mobile Protector supports both fingerprint and face recognition​ with simple APIs for developers to embed this type of c​ustomer experience within their apps. Gemalto Mobile Protector makes a wise and privacy-friendly use of biometrics:  no biometric data is stored in data center or servers. It all stays within the user's mobile, in a secure manner. Gemalto provides a turnkey optimized User Interface which allows banks to quickly start a biometric project and evaluate how to integrate within their existing user experience. Our UI can also be customized with minimal effort to  ensure no disruption with the banks' design and branding.

Gemalto Mobile Protector integrates a combination of proven security mechanisms – such as code obfuscation, encryption, key protection mechanisms with appropriate key management, device binding, and root and jail breaking detection and therefore is a solution that will could help to comply with requirements of the revised PSD2 and RTS.

FIDO LogoGemalto Mobile Protector is alos supporting FIDO​ protocol, an open, sacalble and highly interoperable authentication framework backed up with IT giants (Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Intel..). As part of the FIDO board member, Gemalto is bringing its past 10 years expertise in developping and deploying mobile authentication and secruity solutions for banks choosing FIDO as the core standard of their authentication strategy.

As part of Gemalto's versatile digital banking Suite, Gemalto Mobile Protector fits perfectly into a bank's security lifecycle. It can be accompanied by your choice of complementary products such as Gemalto Confirm Authentication Server​ (CAS) or FIDO server. 

Everything customers do in their online bank today, they expect to do on their mobile as well. Without compromising security, this is what Gemalto Mobile Protector makes perfectly possible - with built in multi-layer mobile authentication and protection for eBanking, eCommerce and ePayment.​

Key features

  • Complete Multi-Factor Authentication
  • One Time Password, Challenge/Response and transaction data signing
  • PIN authentication with randomized secure KeyPad
  • Biometric authentication with fingerprint and facial biometrics
  • Device binding
  • Mobile Security: Jailbreak/Root detection, Anti-debug, Anti-hooking, Advanced obfuscation
  • HSM-based key protection for secure key provisioning and storage
  • Easy to implement API for fast deployment
  • Security audited by independent third-party and governmental agency
  • Helps banks to comply with FFIEC, NIST, and PSD2 regulations
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