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OTP Authentication and signature devices


Gema​lto onl​ine banking tok​​ens and readers

  • For authentication and transaction signing
  • Designed for your customers and fast to deploy

Gemalto ​Flex
BLE token​​​

  • Flexible and scalable security
  • Strong authentication with Dynamic Signature
  • Thin and compact form factor
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity 

Gemalto Signer Token

  • Risk-based, scalable security to mitigate up to the most advanced social engineering attacks
  • Dynamic Signature
  • Ultra-thin and compact form factor
  • Waterproof​


Gemalto Pico token

  • Signing token
  • Ultra thin and compact: 70.1 mm * 44 mm * 3.4 mm
  • Weighs less than 15 g
  • Compliant ​with OATH-OCRA​

Gemalto Lava token

  • One-button token
  • Light and compact and weighs less than 11g
  • Time-or event-based OTP generation​

​​Want to leverage your ​​​EMV deployment and your CAP infrastructure? 

Gemalto CAP solutions are standalone, based on proven standards, scalable, and can be extended to mobile banking applications and display cards.​  Gemalto CAP solutions benefit from the fact that consumers are used to the chip-and-PIN technology to make purchases or cash ATM withdrawals. and can extend it to authenticate themselves and sign transactions.


Gemalto Shield Pro reader 


  • Can be used in connected or unconnected mode
  • Great balance between security, convenience and total cost of ownership for banks
  • Dynamic Signatures (DS), Secure Domain Separation (SDS), Sign-What-You-See technology (SWYS) and PKI operations
  • Firewall mechanism - protects the card from unauthorized access
  • Display with 4 lines of 17 characters
  • Compliant with MasterCard CAP 2007, Visa DPA, PC/SC 2.01 Secure PIN entry and USB 2.0



Gemalto Club reader

  • No customer installation needed
  • Supports Dynamic Signatures (DS) and Secure Domain Separation (SDS)
  • Compliant with MasterCard CAP 2007, Visa DPA 2005, MasterCard PLA 2010 and APACS upon request
  • Response code zoom feature
  • Scalable security