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 Mobile & Apps

 eBanking & eCommerce

  • Turn your customers’ mobile phones into strong authentication devices

    The massive uptake of mobile technology in recent years is affecting mainstream consumer behavior. How do you meet evolving consumer expectations while ensuring a comprehensive mix of security and usability in response?

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 Cards & Payments

  • Consumers want a ​​​personalized, convenient experience

    Behavioral biometrics and biometrics in payment cards

    Discover how behavioral biometrics and biometric cards offer banks the chance to stay one step ahead of the fraudsters and enhance the customer experience.

    Beyond the PIN and password

  • Contactless wristbands used for events

  • More Fun - No Hassle

    It’s time to kick-off the next generation of match-day experiences - All thanks to NFC, mobile apps and smart event platforms.

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  • The personal touch

    Customized banking cards look fantastic and can give banks a crucial business boost.

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 Services for banks

  • Payment as a service

    Are you looking to offer a new digital payment experience on top of your products?

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  • Digital PIN delivery: a simpler, better way

    Electronic PIN delivery is now a reality and an opportunity that many banks are seizing.

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