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Payment can be fun!

Wristband contactless payments

If you’ve purchased anything from a fast food outlet or major retailer this year, you may have noticed that there’s now a new way to pay. Instead of fiddling around for loose change, you may have been encouraged to tap your card and go. This ‘contactless’ process is simple, secure – and fast.

The technology has been around for a few years and the infrastructure for contactless point of sale (POS) is now being rolled out on a huge scale internationally. The great thing about it is that it is limited only by your imagination. Contactless technology can work with many different form factors!

For example, visitors at major events and festivals this year have been given contactless wristbands that mean they can avoid all the hassle of using cash. These wristbands not only give them fast-track access to the events, but also enable them to make quick and secure contactless payments and unlock special experiences on the day. What’s more, these devices can be used after the event to make payments at hundreds of thousands of retailers.

events contactless paymentThe wristbands are proving their worth in an environment where people don’t want cumbersome bags, wallets and cards. And there are also plenty of other opportunities for these new wearable form factors to be rolled out to improve the consumer experience, such as for everyday payments and in cashless environments such as theme parks.

We are now at a stage where consumers are not only aware of contactless technology, but they’ve also used it and are making active decisions to adopt it. This means the market is ready for the introduction of cool new form factors that consumers can have fun with while still being confident they can trust a technology that majors on convenience and security. These can be used to target specific customers, such as young people or sports fans. Plus they’re a great opportunity for you to promote your image and branding, positioning your business as an innovative organization that appeals to all age groups and customer segments.


Contactless Minitag

​Gemalto's Contactless MiniTagis a full contactless mini card antenna. Certified by the major payment schemes, it can be integrated into an innovative form factor to suit the needs of consumers.

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