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Problems remembering a PIN code?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​French bank LCL introduces an innovative PIN Distribution by SMS service that helps end users during the whole life cycle of their card.​

PIN by eChannels

PIN codes have been around for decades but the way we access and remember them is changing, thanks to a simple SMS innovation. 

Find out how banks are taking advantage of new mobile technology to provide their customers a fast, seamless and interactive card renewal experience.

Introducing speed and efficiency t​​o PIN issuance

Payment cards have come a long way since the days of having to hand them over at a checkout for the cashier to manually run them through a machine. Today we’re fully in control of our cards and have become accustomed to user-friendly readers with security reinforced by a PIN. 

But while card technology has seen vast improvements over the decades, the way in which customers receive their PIN hasn’t really evolved – until now. 

​Increase reve​nues by encouraging more card usage

​The Gemalto Digital PIN solution is designed to speed up the PIN issuance process, remove the need for costly paper deliveries and reduce banks’ carbon footprint while still ensuring the high levels of security that customers expect. It also helps banks boost revenues and turn their regular cards into top-of-wallet means of payment. 

Activate 1% of your installed cards base and enjoy a potential extra €1m revenue per year!​

​​Industry estimates suggest that when you issue one million cards annually, boosting the number of active cards you have in circulation by just 1% could generate up to €1 million a year in extra revenue*.

Financial services institutions such as French bank LCL are now notifying cardholders of their new PINs via SMS. And, because today’s customers have so many PINs and passwords to remember, Gemalto’s PIN Distribution by SMS service can be a life-saver, enabling them to receive a secure reminder of their code via SMS,web and Smartphone applications at​ any time during the lifecycle of the card – even when they are out shopping or withdrawing cash and have momentarily forgotten their PIN code.

​*Based on a 2.5 million unit card base if the annual income per card is €40. Extra revenue = 2.5 million x 1% x €40.​

​Are your end users overwhelmed by pa​​sswords & PINs? 

The Gemalto Digital PIN solution is a must for busy people. Gemalto customers who have adopted the solution are even thinking of widening its usage to devices other than cards. Indeed, it could be used for a wide range of ​​web, eBanking, mobile web and smartphone interfaces.

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Gemalto's solution ​for LCL is built on its field-proven platform:

  • Seamless and direct connections to over 160 mobile operators for fast and reliable message delivery​
  • Certified by all major card associations
  • PCI-CP compliant
  • 24/7 support provided by Gemalto
  • Online reporting
  • A comprehensive service level agreement that guarantees reliability, availability and speed​​​​​