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Turn your customers’ mobile phones into strong authentication devices.

Hear it from Frederic Lhostte, CEO at Sixdots


​The massive ​​uptake of mobile technology in recent years is affecting mainstream consumer behavior. How do you meet evolving consumer expectations while ensuring a comprehensive mix of security and usability in response?

The recom​​mended authentication procedure for mobile devices, whether for banking, payment or commerce applications, is two-factor technology. Authentication should combine something the user knows, such as their PIN, with something the user has, such as a token or mobile handset, or in some cases, something the user is – such as a biometric identifier like a fingerprint. Any two of these factors are considered sufficient in terms of consumer authentication, especially given that at least one of them cannot be stolen online.​

In Belgium, 50% of the population has a smartphone and 66% of Belgian households own a tablet. Yet 73% of all eCommerce shopping carts are abandoned before payment.

But Belgian success story Sixdots is setting a new mobile wallet standard – offering a perfect example of open platform strong authentication, which is user-friendly, convenient and secure. ​