Banks…How to implement your digital transformation smoothly and securely


Banking digital trans​formation: a key issue for banks 

In July 2014, management consultancy McKinsey & Company wrote:

“Neither customers nor digital upstarts are likely to wait for retail banks to catch up. Recent analysis shows that over the next five years, more than two-thirds of banking customers in Europe are likely to be ‘self-directed’ and highly adapted to the online world. In fact, these same consumers already take great advantage of digital technologies in other industries – booking flights and holidays, buying books and music, and increasingly shopping for groceries and other goods via digital channels. Once a credible digital-banking proposition exists, customer adoption will be breathtakingly fast and digital laggards will be left exposed.”

​Less than three years later, we can see how accurate this forecast was and how much we are now affected by the digitization of day-to-day activities.

One way of not missing out on this technological shift is to place the customer at the center of all business models with the emphasis on the customer experience.

The customer experience can be enhanced by reinforcing the brand and improving how you communicate solutions and services to clients so they are more likely to sign up to additional services. By using interactive media and traditional face-to-face contact with bank employees to engage with customers, services can be enhanced so they directly address and fulfill customers’ needs.

Conscious of the importance of digital transformation, we supply banks with a self-service solution using a banking kiosk.

Future-proof banking can improve the customer experience by reinforcing the interactive media journey, ​​from enrollment and card customization to PIN code management and card issuance in a few clicks.

A next generation branch customer journey​

A next Generation branch customer journey
Next Gen in-branch services 

A complete journey, from enrollment, credit card customization and PIN code management to card issuance and mobile ​payment activation in a few clicks.​​

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 A modular, ‘a la carte’ journey

  • “I always like to add a personal touch to everything in my life…”

    Get a new bank card with your personally chosen photo that’s issued instantly using the kiosk.

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  • “My friends say I live to shop – which isn’t far from the truth... “

    Get a new active card and get it now!

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  • “I think it’s fair to say that I have a mobile-powered lifestyle...”

    Get a digital card ready to be used with your mobile phone from the kiosk.

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  • Next Gen In-Branch Services

    Next Gen In-Branch Services

    Deliver meaningful experiences by digitizing your bank branch services to meet the demands of a new generation of customers.

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