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Banks…How to implement your digital transformation smoothly and securely


Conscious of the importance of digital transformation, we supply banks with a self-service solution using a banking kiosk.

Future-proof banking can improve the customer experience by reinforcing the interactive media journey, ​​from enrollment and card customization to PIN code management and card issuance in a few clicks.

A next generation branch customer journey​

A next Generation branch customer journey


 A modular, ‘a la carte’ journey

  • “I always like to add a personal touch to everything in my life…”

    Get a new bank card with your personally chosen photo that’s issued instantly using the kiosk.

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  • “My friends say I live to shop – which isn’t far from the truth... “

    Get a new active card and get it now!

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  • “I think it’s fair to say that I have a mobile-powered lifestyle...”

    Get a digital card ready to be used with your mobile phone from the kiosk.

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  • Next Gen In-Branch Services

    Next Gen In-Branch Services

    Deliver meaningful experiences by digitizing your bank branch services to meet the demands of a new generation of customers.

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