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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​To design a payment card with the photo of your choice is as easy as ABC


Customize your payment card

AllAboutMe, is Gemalto's Award Winning Personal Card Service that allows your card holders to select their favourite photo to put on their payment card.

Available via PC, Tablet, Mobile or even selecting a photo from a Facebook album, it enables your cards holder to select their favourite photo of a loved one, pet, memorable event or favourite place.  All of this happens through an online interface that blends seamlessly with your brand and can be easily implemented with Gemalto's team of experts

AllAboutMe allows your cardholder becomes a "partner in design", which in turn generates an increase in Acquisitions, Activations, Retention, Loyalty and increase of card Transactions and Spend amount.

Turnkey end-to-end service:

  • User friendly web service
  • A set of marketing tools
  • Easy to integrate
  • Fast implementation

Your benefits:

  • Account Activation Increase
  • Customer Usage Increase
  • Customer Acquisition Rate Increase
  • Customer Retention Increase
  • Revenue Impact

customized credit cardPersonalized cards with a unique image are already in use in a lot of countries in four continents and are proving to be extremely successful. Innovative companies are launching this new service worldwide across all market segments: banks, retailers, transport operators and even insurance companies are sensitive to this new opportunity. AllAboutMe is an end-to-end service for fully personalized cards.

It includes web services, which allow the end user to upload and edit the picture as well as the associated secure printing services. Customers will receive a unique card with their chosen photo. Web service and card personalization can also be provided as separate services on dem​and.

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User friendly web service

AllAboutMe web services enable cardholders to upload images directly from their computer and order online. An easy to use interface helps customers adjust their photo. They can move, zoom, rotate or focus on one part of the picture.

A set of marketing tools

Gemalto proposes a wide range of option to boost issuers picture card program (Photo contest, viral marketing, Image gallery content, SMS campaign...). It can also provide consulting on picture card campaign analysis.

Easy to integrate

AllAboutMe is a turnkey solution fully integrated into the card issuer environment with each screen customized to their specifications. Cardholders connect to their bank's website to order their card. Gemalto can manage the whole process from photo upload to card issuance. As an option, Gemalto can offer photo validation and image gallery management services.

Gemalto can also provide custom Web development & integration services for issuers' ebanking applications.

Fast implementation

To deploy AllAboutMe, issuers only need to:

  • Choose the options according to their needs
  • Define card and screen layout
  • Implement minor updates in information system
  • Launch marketing campaign
    Having a single supplier for the whole service will increase efficiency and reduce time to market.
    Production can be launched less than 2 months after project start.

Personalization expertise worldwide

Gemalto has been providing personali​zation services for 20 years, and has over five years' experience in photo printing. This technology has already been deployed in many countries on all continents.

Gemalto can also provide a turnkey printing solution for issuer operating in sourced personalization.

AllAboutMe can be deployed anywhere in the world in the shortest lead-time.

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  • AllAboutMe™

    Your Image - Your Card. AllAboutMe allows issuers’ customers to personalize their payment cards using their own photos. This means they identify with their card, which in return creates loyalty and higher card usage rates.

    AllAboutMe™ [PDF 1.9mb]