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Card data management for Banks, Retailers and Transport operators

​​How to gain in efficiency?

Outsourcing card data management is a model that combines the use of the latest technology with technical expertise. These outsourcing solutions are part of a broader service portfolio.

Our customers have been able to free their resources from being bogged down by functions that do not enhance their core competencies such as key management, or electrical and graphical personalization.

There's more. 

The increasing complexity of the technical environment; the difficulty hiring qualified candidates, particularly for IT operations; and the lengthy procurement cycle to upgrade technology were all valid reasons for our customers to consider outsourcing to Gemalto. 

And as the scope of financial services continue to grow, they now have the industry best processes and scalable model to ensure continued efficiencies.

Our customers trust us to deliver. So you can.​​

Trust our expertise in secure connectivity, EMV data processing, key management, electrical and graphical personalization to offer you the best solutions to optimize your data management.

card data management

Gemalto's expertise:

Gemalto makes the smart card personalization process easy for customers thanks to its innovative portfolio of outsourced services. 

With 32 personalization centers all over the world including 20 EMV certified ones, Gemalto offers local service with maximum flexibility, reliability, and security from the moment the data is received all the way to the moment the card arrives in the users' mailbox.

Trusted Service Hub  
  • ​​Consulting
  • Secure data transfer
  • Personalization:
    key management, data processing, EMV  and contactless personalization
  • Customized carriers, inserts, PIN mailers
  • Packaging
  • Added Services
  • Secure data transfer
  • Personalization for gift cards, loyalty cards, multi-applications
  • Packaging
  • Added Services
Transport Operators
  • Secure data transfer
  • Personalization: contactless cards mass personalization, encrypted access keys, rights management, color printing
  • Packaging
  • Added Services
Fast replacement cards 

Fast Card ​

Services for VIPs. Service that enable you to deliver a replacement card in major cities anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

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Interactive services in real time for bank card business 

Avanced Issuance Manager

Service that enable you to access all information about your personalization activity online via an interactive portal

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