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Gemalto Digital PIN: complementing your digital strategy

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Gemalto Digital PIN provides an end-to-end SAAS solution that allows financial institution to encompass all PIN code management from definition to delivery via digital channels!

At Gemalto, we truly believe that power is shifting to the companies that master the customer experience. Financial institutions need to reimagine their core journeys from front to back by addressing key customer pain points, identifying new opportunities to delight customers in differentiated ways. However, the way the PIN code is delivered today still remains a friction for the end user.

Moving from paper to digital is critical for a successful seamless digital experience: it should only take a few seconds to receive a PIN code and start using a card on the go, not days…

Digital PIN is simply a must have – a future proof standard easy to implement and yet so critical/important for end users. But not only, this award winning solution, brings many other benefits

Digital PIN: a future proof standard easy to implement

D​​​igital PIN: a si​​mple but complete offer ​

The Gemalto Digital PIN offer includes all PIN possibilities:

  • The initial PIN distribution for a new card to activate and use on the go
  • The PIN reminder distribution to existing cardholders who need to remember quickly their PIN
  • A PIN definition feature, to allows cardholders to choose a memorable code

Gemalto also offers Notification Services (linked to card production and based on card status).

PIN Distribution​: PIN codes delivered instantly through digital channel

Pin by SMS

The PIN by SMS is a cost effective method that requires neither an internet connection nor a smartphone to deliver a PIN. A useful channel for low penetration smartphone market and an added value for the diversification of the delivery channel​.

Pin by App  

The PIN by App function is embedded within a mobile banking application to receive the PIN. Cardholders that are already familiar with an application won’t be fazed when the PIN distribution by app is offered as a new added-value service.

​Pin by Web

The PIN by Web function is integrated into a bank’s website so that the PIN can be provided online. Using the same familiar web interface makes it more convenient for end users and also a way to help driving traffic. ​

PIN Definition​: let your customers choose
their own PIN

Pin Definition 

PIN Definition gives the cardholders the option of defining their own PIN for their new card through a mobile banking application or website. This self-select PIN option means they can pick a memorable code for their card. It also helps cut costs for banks as they get fewer calls to their helpdesk and fewer cards blocked.

Notification Services: track your card delivery

Real time notification 

The Notification Services are linked to card production and based on card status. For example, this allows cardholders to be informed in real time of the status of their card delivery with an SMS notifying them when their card has been dispatched. Banks can also leverage on this service to initiate the delivery of the PIN code to the cardholder.

The Gemalto Digital PIN is a secure and certified service:

  • PCI-CPP-compliant: both PCI Card Production Physical Security Requirements and PCI Card Production Logical Security Requirements​
  • PIN distribution via electronic m​ethods ​​certified by Visa, Mastercard and diverse local schemes (CB, Bancomat…)




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