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Fast Card Services - Replacing lost or stolen credit cards fast!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fast Card Replacement

Fast replacement cards for travelers

For their convenience, international travelers need to be able to rely on their bank card. 

But what happens when they can't use it because it has been lost, stolen or damaged? 

In a situation where they cannot use their card, they need a replacement card, as soon as possible, wherever they are in the world.

The answer is in their bank's approach to card replacement. 

The Gemalto solution: Fast Card

Gemalto provides banks and financial institutions with a single web portal to operate and monitor their end-to-end fast card replacement service sites around the world. 

They don't have to deal with and coordinate multiple suppliers.

It's a seamless and automatic process for truly worldwide express delivery

We are the only company that provides a unique center that processes and routes data to any of our personalization centers and bank customer offices, worldwide. 

Gemalto’s data center is at the heart of our offering. 

Mobilize our worldwide network

Connected to each of our personalization sites as well as bank offices worldwide if they subscribe to our SaaS service, our data center routes requests to our sites using our Gemalto Connect solution. 

Our global personalization sites can personalize cards within a few hours, while cards can be issued instantly at bank branches using our Gemalto technology. 

And because all sites share the same equipment and the same personalization infrastructure, financial services firms can be confident of the same consistent service level agreements, regardless of site locations.

A single web interface based on our Gemalto Web Services solution has been created to track each card in each personalization site in real time. 

The system has the capacity to handle late changes, such as pulling a card if a traveler changes address at the last minute, in real time, for any personalization site. 

Gemalto also offers similar features at bank branch level.

Aquisition and retention

Gemalto service is ideally suited for customer acquisition and retention, enabling banks to tap into the fast-growing frequent traveler market and to meet and exceed their customers' needs, irrespective of their geographical location.

Cardholder experience

Travelers can benefit from next day – and sometimes even same day – replacement card delivery almost anywhere in the world, which means peace of mind while travelling. 

Replacement cards can be chip cards, magstripe cards, temporary or permanent. 

And we do more.

Last-minute change: No problem

Gemalto's service also handles last-minute change of plan: cards can be sent to alternative addresses upon short notice requests. 

The cardholder experience is further enhanced with services, such as card PIN and delivery status through mobile phones.

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