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Central Issuance Solution

​​​​​​Secure EMV card issuance solution

card issuance process

What makes a good EMV system a great one? 

One that enables you to issue personalized EMV cards efficiently and securely; streamline your operations, and ensure strong production security that guarantees compliance with the most demanding standards. 

But setting one up can be complex and costly – unless you have the right partner. 

Gemalto can help you achieve your goals cost-effectively, giving you peace of mind during PCI or Visa and MasterCard site audits. 

These proven solutions are used worldwide by Gemalto manufacturing centres and deployed in 80 external personalization centres.

Central issuance solution

Our Central Issuance solution is comprehensive, fully packaged and pre-configured. 

It complies with EMVco specifications and PCI security standards as well as Visa and MasterCard certification requirements to handle the whole card personalization process.

Central Issuance is a feature-rich solution that ensures the card issuance process remains secure while simplifying operations. 

Using our new Central Base features you can easily and quickly create and manage EMV profiles for significant card schemes such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, JCB and PBOC2 but also domestic schemes

The impressive set of Central Base features includes:


  • Card Profile Management,
  • User Management, 
  • Monitoring & reporting 
  • Card Inventory. 


These all add up to a solution which ticks all the boxes for financial firms that want to supply superior, centrally issued EMV cards

Shopfloor makes operations easier, thanks to its Production Management and PIN mailer and card carrier functions. 

It receives files from the Central Base and allows the Shopfloor system manager to organize the production flow on top of one or multiple machines from leading vendors such as Matica, CIM, Mühlbauer, and DataCard.

What’s more, its open architecture means it can also support Native, Java and Multos cards from all the main manufacturers.


Central Issuance has every security base covered:

  • Secure HTTPS communication
  • WS security standards-compliant web services
  • End-to-end cardholder data encryption
  • Clear access control policy for user roles

A total solution for your issuance challenges

Using Central Issuance, you can leverage your current architecture to easily and cost-efficiently open EMV personalization sites remotely and create issuance spots close to your customers.

Gemalto provides:

  • A comprehensive, feature-rich and secure EMV personalization solution
  • All software, hardware and machine consumables
  • Professional on-site installation services, support, and maintenance
  • Gemalto Fortress, the ready-to-use Visa and MasterCard-certifiable personalization site
  • Business continuity plans using a Gemalto Personalization Bureau
  • Personalization site design, procedures, and secure processes
  • Assistance with Visa and MasterCard Certification Audits.