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Video-based facial recognition - Gemalto Live Face Identification System

Video-based facial recognition system

Facial recognition

LFIS is Gemalto's state of the art biometric face recognition solution. Its world class algorithm based on deep neural networks ensures efficiency and accuracy for face detection, tracking and recognition. LFIS can process videos in both live or replay to identify people in a non-intrusive way, without any operator intervention.

By offering an industrial grade solution, LFIS brings the benefit of facial recognition to a large variety of use cases which includes improvement of customer / passenger experience, increased operational efficiency or enhanced security

LFIS can be easily integrated to third party solutions such as border and travel management, access control, ID check, security/video surveillance etc… thanks to its system-integrators friendly design and its high scalability.

Customers and partner can also easily build applications on top of LFIS, thanks to its rich APIs (Application Programming Interface) for server based development as well as an SDK (Software Development Kit) for standalone application development.

LFIS software can be run on multiple platforms (on premise, on a PC, in the cloud, on mobile or tablet, and different types of embedded environment).

LFIS Watch

    to enhance the efficiency of security operations, by identifying 'persons of interest' in real time video streams coming from a video management system
    • Processes hundreds of cameras in parallel
    • Get alerts in less than a second
    LFIS Watch

    ​LFIS Verify 

      to provide fast and secure access control, by identifying an authorized person and granting him or her access to a building, a place or other restricted place

      • Fast and secure access control –transparent for the user
      • Advanced liveness detection to prevent spoofing

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      ​LFIS Verify

      LFIS Search Expert

        to accelerate forensic investigation and reaction time, by finding a person in either a database of photos or a collection of videos, including advanced face editing features to improve the image quality for better results.

        • Analyze videos automatically and find suspects up to x20 faster than real time
        • Find a face in seconds in a many millions photo database

        LFIS Search Expert

        LFIS SDK

          an SDK to easily build standalone application that need facial recognition using either photos or videos, including liveness detection features – that runs on a number of environment including embedded environment.

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          LFIS SDK

          ​LFIS Mobile 

            Bringing the power of facial recognition on the mobile – an Android application for 1:1 or 1:N matching,  capture and identification

            • The power of facial recognition locally on your phone – no network required


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