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Thales Cogent Applicant Processing Services for Government

​​​ Thales Cogent Applicant Processing Services for Government

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As an FBI-approved channeler and provider of state-wide fingerprint collection networks, Gemalto offers federal, state and local government agencies a secure and compliant way to exchange criminal history record information (CHRI) for employment and licensing purposes.

Gemalto Cogent Applicant Processing Solution (APS) offers a full range of fingerprint collection, submission, and result dissemination services that can be customized to fit the requirements of any given mandate. 

The Fingerprinting Process is Simple with Gemalto

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​Experience you can trust

With a decade of experience in applicant background screening and transmission, Gemalto Cogent Applicant Processing Services have processed millions of requests averaging over 2 million per year.

Here's what Gemalto provides your agency:

Security for Background Check Applicants

Gemalto is committed to safeguarding each applicant's personal information collected during the fingerprint-based background check process and ensuring its proper transmission to the relevant authorities. 

We comply with all state and​ federal laws for collecting and submitting applicant fingerprint records.

Convenience for your agency

Customized to meet your agency's needs, our solution has been refined and customized to suit individual agencies with enhancements for reporting, online reviewing, payment, varying workflows, and specialized customer and technical support requirements.

Our APS solution is scalable to meet new or changing customer needs including increased transaction volumes, additional reporting requirements, and new user agencies.

By taking advantage of the Gemalto's fingerprint collection network, vendor auditing is simplified by reducing your submission vendor count to a single, third-party service provider.

Off-load interagency data transmission to reduce workload by providing automation between participants.

Accurate and timely reports

Online statistical reporting is available with secure login for approved employees and program administrators. 

User agencies can monitor fingerprint site rejection rates, determine if and when an applicant has successfully completed fingerprinting, review customer service and compliance logs and stay compliant with customized audit reporting.

Accurate and timely reports

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Thales Cogent Applicant Processing Services


  • Fingerprint-based background check services for governments

    Thales Cogent Applicant Processing

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    Thales Cogent Applicant Processing for Private Businesses

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