Video-based facial recognition - Gemalto Cogent Live Face Identification System

Video-based facial recognition system

Gemalto Cogent Live Face Identification System is a video-based facial recognition system that automatically recognizes faces in a crowd-- even in dynamic, uncontrolled environments-- and sends real-time alerts so you can take action quickly.​

The system can be integrated into a wide range of video equipment, and advanced algorithms increase the accuracy of matches.

Facial recognition  

Face detection in a crowd in real-time

Gemalto Cogent Live Face Identification System (LFIS) includes 2 major components

  • ​Core LFIS and LFIS Check SDK (Software Development Kit). Core LFIS provides video based face recognition designed for face detection in a crowd in real-time or post-event and searched against a built-in person of interest list.
  • LFIS Check SDK is a robust software development kit that allows developers to create applications that use face as a biometric identifier.

    The SDK comes with a demonstration app that shows how the SDK can be integrated with a Gemalto document reader to match live faces with faces from documents. Our live face recognition solution has been designed to be scalable and is built on top of a configuration of stable technologies.

     Traditionally, large scale distributed biometric systems require highly experienced product specialists to configure. LFIS has a convenient configuration system and a rich set of RESTful (representational state transfer) web services.

​​4 ways it can advance security from reactive to proactive

Proactive Security​ 

Proactive Security​

• Automatically & simultaneously recognizes multiple faces in a crowd
• Greater accuracy of face matches with "several-to-many" comparison
• Take action quickly with near real-time alerts delivered to mobile devices or connected PC's​

Face identification  

Easily Scalable

• No proprietary hardware required 
• Images can be captured from a wide range of compatible cameras
• Easily Scalable– can support large scale systems and large database sizes​

Efficiency with accuracy​ 

Efficiency with Accuracy​

•  Accurate capture– supports multiple faces per frame, multiple frames per second speed, and multiple resolutions
• More effective– advanced face recognition algorithms make the software more effective in identifying matches from low-quality images

Flexible software

Flexible Software

• Dashboard watch list– can enroll & categorize over 1 million faces
• Investigation support– import footage and still images to help identify suspects with the "several-to-many" comparison
• Software Developer's Kit (SDK)– algorithms are available in a robust software development kit to integrate 1:1 matching with Gemalto document readers​.