Paraguay National Police team identifies prime suspect in brutal double murder - CUGI ‘Hit of the Year’ 2016

Every year, CUGI (Cogent User Group International) recognizes and rewards exceptional work by law enforcement and forensic specialists. For 2016, the CUGI Hit of the Year Award was presented to a dedicated team of staff serving the Policía Nacional del Paraguay (Paraguay National Police), for successfully identifying the prime suspect in a brutal double murder.

This video tells their story…

Double murder in San Estanislo, Paraguay

In August 2015, two young friends, aged 20 and 22, were shot dead within the space of 24 hours in the Paraguayan city of San Estanislao. The same 9mm caliber firearm was used in both killings.

"During their search, officers recovered evidence including a cell phone belonging to one of the victims in his bed room," explains Sub Crio. O.S. David Domínquez, Policía Nacional del Paraguay. "Forensic experts were able to pull a list of phone calls, along with some recent photos on a popular messaging app. One of the photos proved to be very revealing."

The photo in question showed a quantity of marijuana held in an open hand. Police believed it to be from a drug dealer, demonstrating to the young victims that he had the 'merchandise' that they were looking for.

Forensic experts at work in Asunción

The image was sent to the National Police's Human Identity Division in Paraguay's capital city, Asunción. Forensic experts enlarged and zoomed in on the fingerprint shown in the picture. This was then entered into a Gemalto Cogent AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) for comparison against a database of over seven million records.

A positive hit was identified in minutes.

Using this information, the suspect was subsequently taken into custody to face trial for the murders.  

Cogent User Group International "hit of the year"

Every day, dedicated people are working behind the scenes to solve crimes.

Each year, CUGI and Gemalto are committed to celebrating the remarkable work of forensic experts and law enforcement officers around the world, as they strive to build safer communities and bring offenders to justice.  

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