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Document verification software: checking IDs for an easier user onboarding

Looking for a better way to onboard more users?

document checks

Identity document verification enables secure enrollment of users, associated with real identities

id verification software

Identity document verification process deters the fraudster

verifiy identity

Compliance with regulations such as KYC and GDPR while protecting privacy user

And benefit from a solution that is:

document verification

Smooth and user-friendly customer experience

document checking

Multichannel platform for flexible use cases and easy integration

document check

Reduction of operating costs linked to manually checking document

Discover Thales ID verification and create value 

Identity document verification

ID Verification is a comprehensive identity verification solution for secure customer enrollment​. 

It is a fully automated solution based on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to secure new services and create value
  • This technology allows a seamless travel experience using ID verification to enroll for its face biometric boarding service. Successfully piloted by airport IT operators, Thales ID Verification improves the security, efficiency and traveler experience.
  • It is the answer to financial institutions looking to deploy a fast, convenient, and compliant way of performing document verification and identity checks (aka KYC checks)  to fight against money laundering and meet regulations.
  • Telecom operators rely on Thales’ automated, real-time, strong ID Verification solution to tackle subscription fraud and its financial consequences. The ID verification service ensures compliance with registration of prepaid SIM cards and accounts opening. Security is reinforced, user experience is constantly improved to promote digital transformation.
  • Carmakers choose Thales’ enrollment solution for innovative car owner applications with virtual car key solutions in a secure environment.
  • ID Verification solution addresses also the needs of services like car rental, car sharing, e-mobility, multimodal transport and enables mobile service providers to create innovative service offers. 

Innovative digital ID management platform can use the ID Verification solution to securely perform the collection, verification, and authentication in the enrollment of new digital identities.

Thales ID Verification solution in 3 simple steps

id verification 

Image & Data Capture
Image and Data Capture
  • Document detection
  • Image Quality Assurance
Document Verification
Document Verification
  • Document Classification
  • Document Verification
  • Validity Check

Face Verification
Face Verification
  • Face Matching
  • Liveness Detection


Step 1: Image & Data Capture

Thales IDV solution offers a mobile SDK (Software Detection Kit) capable of automatically detecting the ID document in the frame, check if the image quality enables proper document verification and capture the document instantly.
Data can be locally extracted from the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ).

Step 2: Document Verification

Thanks to Thales' secured ID document expertise, the image is compared with 2000+ unique types of documents from 200+ countries. 

ID Verification performs an extensive series of security checks, to assess its authenticity. Once the documents are verified, ID Verification extracts the subscriber’s personal and biometric information such as the user's portrait.

Step 3: Face Verification

To verify that the holder of the ID document is the legitimate user, ID verification performs a face matching between the document portrait and a selfie picture powered by Thales strong expertise in biometrics and facial recognition.

To prevent spoofing attacks from fraudsters trying to acquire someone else’s privileges (using photos or masks), ID verification performs liveness detection when requesting a selfie.

Secure AI-powered identity verification solution

The whole process is fully automatized, using the A.I. approach and more precisely deep learning where the system is capable of learning from data.

It's a central component of the latest-generation algorithms developed by Thales in its ID Verification systems.

The result? 

You will rapidly increase your onboarding rate as the system learns and gets better all the time.

There's more.

We pay high attention to privacy and confidentiality and that's why:

  • All data flows are encrypted.
  • No information is shared or stored. 
  • No human intervention is needed.

  • Online Identity Verification Service

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Find out how you can optimize your customer acquisition processes through online channels and reduce identity fraud. Our multi-channel solution allows your customers to self-enroll online with their smartphone, quickly and easily, anytime anywhere.

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 Case Studies

  • Norway Document Verification

    Posten Norge to strengthen fraud protection for Norway

    In September 2016, Posten Norge, Norway's national post and logistics service, selected Gemalto's ID Verification solution. It will enable customer credentials such as identity cards and passports to be checked by branch staff. The new solution is to be deployed in 1100 branches at first, with the potential ultimately to cover Posten Norge's entire, 1400-strong national network.​

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  • California driver's licenses​

    Since January 2015, undocumented immigrants h​ad their first opportunity to obtain California driver's licenses​ thanks to the passage of Assembly Bill 60 (AB60) by the state legislature on September 12, 2013. The bill allows undocumented immigrants to legally drive in the State upon successfully completing all required testing. The bill is a major step in improving road safety in California by ensuring that all California drivers are driving vehicles legally. Gemalto is supporting California Department of Motor Vehicle (California DMV) with its advanced ID Verification​ software solution now in use in its nearly 200 offices. DMV officials can verify the authenticity of such documents as passports, identity cards and driver licenses by simply checking the graphical data and security features against reference templates from an array of issuing countries.

    Automated identity document verification
  • European bank deploys ID verification

    High-profile European bank

    Since 2012, Gemalto signed on as prime contractor with a high-profile European bank to deployID Verification at each branch location. Each station is connected to a central document verification repository that will hold more than 2,000 travel and ID documents. The central system is connected to each agent station to provide document repository updates as well as to perform management and operational reports. New customer demographic data, which are captured automatically from the document, are entered directly into the bank’s enterprise management system. The project is now up and running, with over 1,000 ID Verification workstations enabled.

    ID Verification for Banking & Payments

 Industry Analysts & Awards

  • ACT Canada

    Gemalto won the 2016 ACT Canada IVIE Award in the “Privacy by Design” category for its ID Verification solution

    ACT Canada is the internationally-recognized association driving payment evolution and digital identity. The IVIE Awards, celebrate innovation in payments and digital identity products and recognize the ingenuity of the winners and the value that implementations of emerging technologies bring to the market.

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  • GSN Award 2015

    Gemalto won the GSN 2015 Homeland Security Awards Best Identity Management Platform award for its Document Verification solution​

    Gemalto won the GSN 2015 Homeland Security Awards Best Identity Management Platform award for its Document Verification solution. Government Security News, the standard of editorial quality in the homeland security field, honored Gemalto's innovative solution for its ability to mitigate risk of identity fraud and document forgery. Gemalto's award is based on the recent implementation of the solution with California's Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV). The technology is being used in 200 DMV offices across California to verify the authenticity of such documents as passports and identity cards specifically when Californian's apply for a new driver's license.

    Gemalto Wins “Best Identity Management Platform” in GSN 2015 Homeland Security Awards