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Automated Border Control - Slash queues with faster eGates

Security and speed, cost-efficiency and convenience have long represented conflicting goals for border control authorities. Gemalto Automated Border Control (ABC) eGates reconcile these aims, opening the door to secure and seamless passenger processing.

​​​​Automated Border Control

Automated Border Control (ABC) is an automated immigration control system that combines the latest technologies of egate hardware and advanced software such as facial recognition and border control software. 

It provides a fast and secure solution for airports and border authorities, as well as a user-friendly experience for travelers and is part of Gemalto's integrated border management solution.

How to improve border crossing wait-times?

With Gemalto ABC eGates, a traveler can be through a border in a matter of seconds, making it one of the most efficient technologies on the market. 

To further improve border crossing time, our automated passport control system has been carefully designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. As a result, all passengers can effortlessly use our technology, first time and every time. ​

Whether departing, arriving, or in transit, travelers are becoming more demanding. Convenience, speed and intuitive technologies are all high on their list of priorities. Here's our solution in Kiev.​

​With our multi-camera wall, the gate begins processing biometrics as soon as the passenger steps in.

The cameras are located in the exit door, right in front of the passenger. Digital mirrors are placed next to the cameras, instinctively attracting eyes in the correct direction for successful image capture. This allows the passenger to pass through the gate intuitively, minimizing the risk of human error and associated time loss.

There's more.

The use of abstract or figurative pictograms, compliant with ISO 7001 and ISO 9196, as well as the adaptation of existing airport symbols, break down language barriers and increases daily traffic through the eGate lanes.

To ensure secure crossings the ABC eGate benefits from our document verification expertise to detect fraud with high-quality checks on the electronic microprocessor (authenticity, data), document security features and photo/data integrity.

Our biometric verification software (fingerprint, facial recognition​ or a combination of both), with live quality assurance checks and globally-recognized matching engines, ensures the passenger is the rightful owner of the document.

Risk assessment is then performed through automated comparison of identity against text-based and biometric control/alert lists in particular with bases such as Interpol Stolen and Lost Travel Document Database.

Our unique Single Person Detection system identifies intrusion, passenger substitution, piggyback and tailgating. It also discriminates passengers and luggage in any situation.

eGate at work: preventive maintenance is key

There's no other way to say this:

Availability is THE most important part of an eGate system.

More important than speed, more important than cutting-edge technology and (yes) more important than user-friendliness.

In fact, it's not even close.

That's why it is crucial for airports and border control authorities to implement durable, low maintenance solutions.

We have therefore selected field-tested materials that meet the demanding requirements of transportation applications including subways, trains and boarding gates. With the benefits of seamless preventive maintenance, our solution has the best Machine Cycle Before Failure (MCBF) rate on the market. As a result, it saves on maintenance and replacement costs to quickly deliver financial payback.

How is that?

The camera wall features no motorized systems or mechanical parts, increasing dramatically the Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) rate of the overall solution.

Automated passport control:  A step closer to integrated border management

Reflecting the fact that border control technologies are evolving fast, our solution is able to cope with new generations of travel documents, biometrics, Registered Traveler Programs (RTP) and much more.

Additionally, it can connect with a Visa Management System, and take a step closer to a fully integrated Border Management System.

If you have a question to ask or are simply looking for more information about Border Control solutions please leave a comment in the box below.

We look forward to hearing from you. ​​