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Airport self-service solutions for a smoother traveler journey: Fly to Gate

For airports and airlines, providing passengers with a unique, enjoyable and memorable travel experience is a top priority.

To meet this priority, Gemalto, world leader in digital security and IER, leading designer of solutions that improve the flow of goods and people, have teamed up to create Gemalto & IER Fly to Gate, an end-to-end self-service experience for travelers.



​Gemalto & IER Fly to Gate offers a raft of new and more effective self-service solutions that airports and airlines can implement at their own pace.​

Enhancing the airport experience

The constant growth in air traffic and resulting flow of travelers through airports are driving demand for simpler andd faster passenger processing at traveler checkpoints.

Airports and airlines need to propose innovative solutions to reduce waiting times, specially at security check, border control, and baggage drop, which rank  highest for generating negative emotions such as frustration and even fear.

Competition is tough, with world-class airports constantly improving their infrastructure to make the passenger experience easier and more appealing, for tourists and business travelers alike. 

In this context, innovation is key.

Self-service at every step of the journey

An increasing number of airports are already investing in automated border control, check-in, and bag-drop solutions that increase speed and efficiency, while maintaining high levels of security. 

Airport self service kiosks 

72% of travelers to use self-service check in by 2018

Airlines forecast that by 2018, self-service and automatic check-in will be used by 72% of travelers and will be a key differentiator in their overall passenger value proposition. Source: SITA The future is connected. 

Convenience, speed and intuitive technologies are all high on their list of priorities.

The appetite for automated, self-service travel experiences is already evident in the success of electronic travel document checking systems, online check-in and electronic border gates.

But there's more: Travelers like self-service.

One reason for this is that self-service solutions offer more personalized options for travelers, giving them greater control.

Moreover, time saved through automation benefits everyone involved:

  • Airports,
  • Airlines,
  • Travelers.  

Self-service options can be introduced at every step of the passenger journey, from check-in to boarding, and they greatly enhance the overall airport experience.

Know your passenger

Security is gaining increased traction with the uptake of "Smart Borders" and "Smart Airports" programs to encourage facilitated border controls and security checks.

Moreover, new smart documents and biometric technologies are also opening up new opportunities in this field.

With more than 1,000 million electronic passports now in circulation mid 2017, and strong identity authentication allowed by biometrics such as face recognition​, travelers are discovering new secure and seamless solutions for international travel.

Needless to say, these new alternatives are quickly adopted by bona fide travelers as frustrating queuing experience become a thing of the past.

Best practices and deployment guidelines are now being defined by IATA and ACI Smart Security programs, to combine strengthened security with greater operational efficiency and an enhanced passenger experience.

And that's exactly what Gemalto and IER are providing today with Gemalto & IER Fly to Gate.

Introducing Gemalto & IER Fly to Gate 

Introducing Gemalto & IER Fly to Gate

Gemalto & IER Fly to Gate makes traveling simple and more efficient by leveraging state of-the-art technology required by airport, airline, and immigration systems.

Gemalto & IER Fly to Gate supports multimodal biometric checking and robust document verification.

It easily integrates with immigration systems to ensure rigorous security and outstanding operational efficiency for airports and airlines.

Gemalto & IER Fly to Gate opens a swift and secure biometric pathway through the airport, eliminating the delays and bottlenecks often experienced with assisted check-in, bag drop, and border control processes.

The solution's key features include:

Gemalto & IER Fly to Gate is all about enhancing the passenger experience by reducing queueing times and allowing for greater autonomy and choice.

And there's more.

Fly to gate also streamlines operations for airports and airlines and improves security by providing a more precise and reliable source of passenger data.

Single token simplicity

The move to self-service with the automation of some previously manned processes requires robust and reliable tools for document and identity management.

That's where the identity token steps in.

Gemalto & IER Fly to Gate relies on the creation of an identity token that authenticates the passenger all the way through the terminal in a seamless and fully self-serviced journey.

Strong verification of the traveler's data and identity are key to the creation of such a token.

Whether the passenger decides to check in and verify his/her ID online or at an airport kiosk, a token is created at check-in by matching their identity data from their electronic passport to the travel data on their boarding pass. This token is then used as a unique identifier, allowing the traveler to proceed through all airport touch points, and eliminating the need to present multiple documents sevral times along the way.

This token can be physical, in the form of a mobile or paper boarding pass for example, or biometric, in the form of the passenger's own face or fingerprint.

Processing times slashed by 80%

Self-service solutions are now recognized as offering a major contribution to both efficient airport operations and an enhanced passenger experience. Indeed, the time required for airport passenger processing can be decreased by up to 80% using self-service and automation.

This means travelers can now:

  • Spend less time in queues
  • Have more time to enjoy the retail, leisure, food and beverage services on offer at the airport.

Want to know more?​

Your passengers want a seamless travel experience. 

They want to move through mandatory checkpoints as quickly, easily and safely as possible, while feeling confident that no compromises have been made on security.

Several airports have already streamlined and simplified traveler flow, and if you want to join them, it's time to talk to Gemalto.​​

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